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This wiki is used to control the Old School RPG Bloggers’ Planet. A “planet” is feed aggregators – it collects various RSS and Atom feeds from old school D&D blogs I like.

Submit a new blog

Other Options

If you don’t want to use the submission link above, feel free to [[Comments_on_HomePage?|leave a comment]], mail Alex Schroeder, or edit the [[Feeds?|wiki page]] listing the feeds.

The format is really simple – the feed URL in square brackets, and the name on the next line:

name = Grognardia

Make sure you don’t supply the blog address!

http://grognardia.blogspot.com/ → blog address → bad! >{ sucks
http://grognardia.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default → feed address → good! :D ok

If you’re curious, take a look at [[FeedsResult?|the output of the last run]].

The planet is powered by Planet Venus. The wiki is powered by Oddmuse. The Campaign Wiki site offers a very simple wiki for your campaigns. These services are provided by Alex Schroeder, for free. Feel free to contact him via mail.

Helping Out

Submit blogs that are missing. Remove spam. :)

If you want to keep your eye on changes made to the list of feeds:

Also note the [[FeedWarnings?|list of warnings and errors encountered during the last run]] with links to the blogs.


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