Run Maintenance

Expiring keep files and deleting pages marked for deletion
Buck Dharma
Crossing the Moon River Ford; Moon Birds and Dances; Getting to Near Moon
Dirk the Bard
Divine President
Green Inquisition
Jean Val Jean
Kris Klothrich
Lime Nomads
Potsherd Crater
Sartar Crimsonbane
Talem Character Sheet
The Burning of the Crimson Citadel and the Trail to the Grass Colossus
The Grass Colossus -- Catching up with Khris
The Long Ridge; investigating the Sky Tower; the Serpent Stone Marker
The Vantablack
Through the Lime Nomad Steppe
Towards the Violet City
Violet City
Waterlogged Quarry

Main lock obtained.

Moving part of the RecentChanges log file.

Moving 0 log entries.

Removing IP numbers from 0 log entries.

Main lock released.