Name Generator

This generator is based on the idea of the name generator in Text Elite. This is what it does:

  1. pick the length of the name (4-9)
  2. pick an odd starting point in the string of digraphs and take two characters to create a syllable
  3. delete any dots
  4. capitalize it

Thus, if you want to generate Japanese sounding names, take some Hiragana syllables and concatenate them, using a dot if there is no second character in the syllable, and put real digraphs and trigraphs in square brackets:

.a .i .u .e .o
ka ki ku ke ko
sa si su se so
ta ti tu te to
na ni nu ne no
ha hi hu he ho
ma mi mu me mo
ra ri ru re ro
wa wi wu we wo
ga gi gu ge go
za zi zu ze zo
da di du de do
ba bi bu be bo
pa pi pu pe po
[ky]a [ky]u [ky]o
[sh]a [sh]u [sh]o
[ch]a [ch]u [ch]o
[ny]a [ny]u [ny]o
[hy]a [hy]u [hy]o
[my]a [my]u [my]o
[ry]a [ry]u [ry]o
ya yu yo

Check it out.

If you're interested in Hawaiian sounding names, take a look at the Hawaiian alphabet and its eight consonants, five vowels with or without macron, and eleven diphthongs:

ha he hi ho hu
ka ke ki ko ku
la le li lo lu
ma me mi mo mu
na ne ni no nu
pa pe pi po pu
wa we wi wo wu
'a 'e 'i 'o 'u
ai ae ao au ei eu iu oe oi ou ui

Check it out.

Or you could go with the arbitrary list of syllables Elite used. This is from the Text Elite source code, but without the same random number generator:

char pairs[] = "..LEXEGEZACEBISO"
               "EDORQUANTEISRION"; /* Dots should be nullprint characters */

Check it out.

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