2021-03-15 Markdown change

I made a small change to the Markdown parser. It only affects you, if you use Markdown on your wiki: If you have a page called MARKDOWN with some text (e.g. “Yes”), all your pages use Markdown. If your page starts with #MARKDOWN, then this page uses Markdown.

The Markdown parser has code to translate lines prefixed by “> “ to a block quote (usually shown as an indented block). Sadly, a separate piece of code (the Markup module) translated lines prefixed by “> “ to a pre-formatted block.

The change I made is that if Markdown gets used on your wiki, the original code runs, translating “> “ to a block quote.

Let’s take this example:

> this is
> a test

Previously, it always translates into the following:

<span>&gt;</span> this is
<span>&gt;</span> a test

Now, if your wiki, or your page, uses Markdown, the result will be:

this is
a test

If you don’t like it, you can rewrite it like this:

> this is
> a test