Spam Fighting, No Mail Notifications

2021-08-26 Spam Fighting

Hello all! It seems that some spammers are making an effort to spam the site. I’ll be thinking about ways to better fight the spam. In the mean time, these are the things I’m doing:

When I find a spam edit in Recent Changes, I click on the History link, and then – visible only if I have a username set! – on the appropriate Rollback button, or on the Mark this page for deletion link.

You can do this as well! 😀

I have locked all the inactive wikis. To unlock them: follow the Administration link on your wiki and use the link Unlock site link – visible only if you have answered the security question in a previous page edit!

Conversely, if your wiki is new, or you have already unlocked it, you will find a Lock site link instead. Use that if you don’t expect to be editing your site in the foreseeable future.

(For a bit I had all the wikis locked, but those locks should be removed, now.)

I might also add lines to the BannedHosts and the BannedContent pages. Only administrators can do that. I’m trying to ensure that they are all shared between campaign wikis. One of them prevents anybody with an IP address matching the regular expression to edit a page (and I ban whole networks); and the other prevents posting of links containing any of the regular expressions (and I’ll ban anything that looks like it might do the job, from national top level domains, to keywords such as “casino”, “shop”, or medical supplies. Let me know if you run into difficulties because of all that.

Currently I’ve banned the network that was posting all the spam at the web server level, so the sharing of BannedHosts and BannedContent is no longer as urgent an issue.

I’m currently going through all the recent changes, deleting comment pages or rolling back comments that are spam.

If you need help, contact me. 😃

Good luck!

Update: Still working on a way to share BannedHosts and the BannedContent pages. Still working on the actual banning of the IP numbers. Strangely enough, a lot of requests still get through.

Update: I guess it worked! 😅 Until they get access to a new network. But until then, enjoy your games. 🎲🎲🎲