The star Capella is a small M2 V Red Dwarf, and is especially prone to bursts of radioactive discharges due to its young age and small size compared to its power output.

New America

New America is the first planet in the Capella System. It is a Mars sized planet with a thin oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. It holds an unusually strong magnetic field, which allows the planet to support despite its proximity to its parent star. New America is tidally locked to Capella, and is therefore only viable for habitation around its twilight band. The planet is known for its loose laws, due to its reliance on the Opportunity Station for reliable trade with the core systems.


Capella II

Capella II, unofficially nicknamed New Canada, is an earth sized ice planet well outside Capella’s Goldilocks Zone. Evidence suggests Capella II has had ecological tampering in the past.

Capella III

Capella III is a blue medium-sized Jovian Planet approximately 4 AU from Capella. Capella III has been a specimen of some interest, as it has no moons at all. A somewhat rare occurance from outer Jovian planets.