The star Lacine is an F4 V Yellow-white Main Sequence star of similar proportions to Sol. The star was originally thought to be a red dwarf, but closer inspection revealed anomalous interference patterns surrounding the system. While the source of this anomalous interference is unknown, scientists speculate that possible xenological activity may be the source. As natural phenomena is seen as highly unlikely.

Lacine I

Lacine I is a venus-like planet with a thick and oppressive atmosphere, almost 2 times that of Venus. Lacine I was once a candidate for high-level industrial atmosphere scooping by Helios Ltd, but the furious wind-storms proved too risky to obtain the relatively low-profit resources found in the atmosphere.

Lacine II

Lacine II is a barren planet with two large moons orbiting it. The ratio between the sizes of the moon are so close that some have called it a tertiary planetary system, where instead of the two moons orbiting Lacine II, they orbit one another in stable orbits. This system has become a popular subject of research and the infamous OMEL test all scouts take frequently include the so called Lacine II question.


Elysium is a terrestrial world with indigenuous life predating the arrival of humanity into the system. The planet is approximately half the size of Earth and has a thin atmosphere of Nitrogen-Oxygen, which makes it almost perfectly suitable for human habitation. Being the second most populated planet in the Sol Subsector, most of the population live in bubble cities, but some people have acclimatized to the otherwise dangerously low atmospheric pressure, as well as the low gravity, which allow them to live outside of the bubble cities.