Opportunity Station

Opportunity Station is not a system, but a section of deep space holding several space stations. Opportunity Station was established by Roborovskij Corporate to encourage traffic to Capella. The deep space complex is home to five separate space stations.

Opportunity Station

The main space station. This station is used for housing, logistics, security and organisation, and is the seat of power in the area.

Athena Station

The main residential station. Houses visitors and residents alike. Various businesses make their home here. A connection to Romanov Station is currently being built to allow for easier access from the docking bays to residential services.

Romanov Station

The Naval/Repair/Resupply Station in the complex. This is used to maintain the various ships the complex recieves.

Arkangelsk Station

A military platform. This moving station is used as the main means of defense. It is home to 24/7 staff of atleast eight different PMCs, all of which are acclaimed as the premier private militaries in the sector.

Perseverance Station

UN Deep Space Research Station.

Information restricted from public access: UN executive directive X-0021/JJN.