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Scarper is a Mouse shaman and the park (der A1-Park aus R13-Mission Briefing) is his turf. He roams it at will because he doesn’t cause much trouble and he keeps the place clean. The authorities let him stay.

Should the runners start rearranging things to suit them, then Scarper will follow behind and tidy up after them, likely much to their annoyance.

Once a shadowrunner himself, the elderly Mouse shaman called Scarper now seems little more than a homeless drunk living it rough in Freeway Park. There is some truth that Scarper is a drunk, but he still functions quite well nonetheless. He lives in Freeway Park through choice, because that is where he feels closest to Mouse. That does not mean he lives rough, or his spells and affinity with the local spirits allow him to live comfortably enough. The local authorities allow Scarper free access to the park and don’t bother him, for he keeps it safe and clean in his own way. In a sense, he is an unpaid park attendant. A chronic neat- ness freak, Scarper likes everything just so and he is very house proud. His clothes may be out of fashion and a little strange, but they are clean and well kept. Such is the same with the cor- ner of the park that he squats in at nights – a cluttered space that nevertheless has its own special order. As a former shadowrunner, Scarper knows a few tricks of the trade and he’s often happy to help out any ‘youngsters’ that he may take a shine to. His casual side comments usually contain a grain of wisdom and may present useful advice if heeded. Scarper can be a chatty little soul if he takes a shine to someone. Scarper is a short thin fellow with tufts of balding grey hair. His eyes dart nervously here and there and he almost always seems to be quivering, torn between curiosity and flight. A smile always seems to want to make its way to his lips, revealing his general good humor.

Should Scarper ‘adopt’ someone then he will help them out with his magic as best he can. However, he rarely involves himself directly in conflict, but uses his abilities to support others in their struggles. The shaman’s main motivation is to see that the park is not damaged and that its serenity and spiritual ‘rightness’ is maintained. To that end he may follow folk around, returning moved objects to their ‘proper’ place, often without those who moved things noticing until later.

Scarper, Mouse Shaman

3 3 3 2 6 5 4 6 6 6 8 8 1
Rasse: Human
Aktionsfertigkeiten: Askennen 6, Medizin 3, Beschwören 8, Gebräuche 4 (Straße 6), Überreden 4, Verhandeln 4, Spruchzauberei 8
Wissensfertigkeiten: Downtown Hamburg 5, Feng Shui 3, Free Spirits 4, Geometry 3, Hygiene 4, Magical Background 6, Small Unit Tactics 4, Street Background 6
Schutzpatron: Mouse (see p. 164, SR3), +2 dice for detection/health spells, +2 dice for hearth/field spirits, -2 dice for combat spells
Metamagie [Initationsgrad 2]: Abschirmung, Maskierung
Zaubersprüche: (Diese sollten angepasst werden, aktuell keine Zeit) Antidote 6, Armor 5, Barrier 6, Blindness 5, Catalog 5, Clairaudience (Extended) 4, Clairvoyance (Extended) 5, Control Actions 6, Control Thoughts 6, Create Food 3, Detox 6, Diagnose 4, Fashion 3, Fix 5, Heal 4, Improved Invisibility 5, Increase Reflexes +3 2, Makeover 3, Mana Static 5, Mind Probe 6, Resist Pain 3, Silence 4, Stealth 5, Treat 6
Cyberware: -
Rüstung: Gefütteter Mantel [6/4]
Weitere Ausrüstung: -