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Contact Alex Hi,

My name is Alex Schröder. I run this site.

Using a wiki for your campaign may or may not be for you, depending on your style.

This site allows you to give it a try. Create your own wiki, and start with a list of links: Player characters, other characters, locations, shops. Then start maintaining a journal and keep linking to what you already have, or when the party discovers new stuff, create appropriate pages and add some background information. That’s how you grow your site, page by page. If you want to see how other people do it, check out some of the larger sites linked from the Status page.

If you have any questions get in touch with me. I speak English and German, as well as a little French and Portuguese. :)

If you’re interested in how this site works, take a look at the Setup page.

Business Plan

This is something I always want to see (and rarely do) whenever I see something offered “for free” on the Internet. So how is this site going to work?

How To Use This Site

There is no “one way” of using the site. I’ve used it as a game master to keep notes on things, and as the notekeeper of my party to chronicle our progress. We have kept our character sheets online using the wiki.

I haven’t used it as an individual adventurer’s diary. I guess it could work, but where would be the fun in that? A wiki is an invitation to collaborate.

I have used the site to write adventures I wanted to make available to others. I have seen other people use it to collect their setting notes.

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