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Character XP Money Level XP next Player XP Modifer Encumbrance (Max 1.600)Movement RateHealth
Jamal Featherbottom1.010356theif 14.00000%420Fast (90´)
Alvertos Tarrenshade0.605248paladin 12.200oliwier00%710Fast (90´)
regenald vans0.620248theif 12.200Chef Sevi5%710Fast (90´)
Alas Qinna0.010248Half Elf 12.200Oliver5%710Fast (90´)
Sheld Umas0.02561Gsvifer 12.400Kuba5%710Fast (90´)
Gael of the Ringed city0.655248Knight 12.500Mitch5%710Fast (90´)


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