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Campaign Notes

The Party Consists of…

Factions the group has encountered The Necromancer. The Adventurers guild. Terrans(as a hologram).

The Necromancer is a dark man with dark porpouse, he seeks to live forever and doesnt care about the number of people who are killed along the way as long as he achieves his goal. He abducts travelers off the roads and uses them is his dark twisted ceremonies and rituals. He is aided by his army of “Headless”(monks), and uncountable undead.

The Adventurers Guild is a cross continental union of the best and brightest people willing to risk their lives in service of the greater good, and is ruled by the council of 3. however, it holds a dark secret. All 3 of the counil members hold their own dark secret. Aembras the priest seeks to call his eldrich lord cthulhu to this plane of existance, ending the world and bringing him imortality. Torman the soldier is currently involved in a genocide of natives on the continent of narmoor. Eiras the mage is secretly The necromancer and wishes to live forever.

The Terrans were the first settlers of the planet of Uila. They came from earth by spaceship and crash landed, loosing much of their technology and knowlege of earth. over time their race diverged into the multitudinal splendour that is seen today, however a few strongholds of theirs remained, populated with the last terrans. When the Demons and Fey came during the years of blood, their last strongholds were buchered and their race became extinct, lost to time. Yet fragments of their history, lost to time are awaiting to be dug up.