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Possible Storylines

Possible Storylines

There are three possible descisions when moving foreward from the parties entrapment in the Terran pods.

1. The party wakes not too long from after they entered sleep

2. The party wakes in the distant future when the pods loose power, they have to struggle with temporal displacement, as well as the actions of both the cabal and the further encroachment of demons and fey into previously mortal occupied lands. LEAST LIKELY

3. The pods end up being telleport chambers which disperse the party across the world into various Terran Facilities, with other teleporter pods. The party must now find each other and give the information they recieved while in stasis to the guild. MOST LIKELY

These are all directions which could severely alter the course of the game and as such, the storylines that would come about from this, will be assorted. the outcome of this road block will be entirely decided by the players and the actions they take. if they if they pull a henderson, the first option comes true as the system kicks them out. if they dont go full henderson, the sytem keeps them in for a longer time, fufilling the second option. if the players begin to suficiently question their reality at any point, the third option becomes true.