Faron is a half elf. That is very significant because they were the product of an affair by a local elven noblewoman and a human. Being born a half elf was a huge problem for the noble woman who decided it would be best if the baby disappeared. But she wasn’t heartless enough to kill a baby, so she gave it up to a monestary of good repute known for their good deeds.

The monastery, and the religious order it belongs to, is officially called “Joyous Events and Good Fortune, May the Lady of the Moon Bless her Followers” but it is know by the population of Korith as “The Lunar Monastery of Ashrabi” and the monks that reside within are know as “The Followers of the Moon”. Ashrabi is the supposed founder of this religious order. The monastery is built of pure white marble that glows when exposed to moonlight. While grand, the monastery is not opulent. The monks live in simple quarters and the main prayer room has a white marble altar with a statue of the Lady of The Moon made of white marble and decorated with gold. The statue was found in this location many years ago, leading to the construction of this temple by a group of wandering members of the Followers of the Moon.

Unfortunately, the religious order known as The Followers of the Moon is a fake. A ruse established long ago. Before Queen Ulandra united the races in a war against the humans, a group of cannibal worshipers of the Lord of Torment lived in squalor in a cave near the then much smaller town of Korith. The group had no official leadership structure for years, until a man named Bashari Al’Azar rose to dominate the group due to his incredible savagery and love of pain. Bashari recognized the cult members ability as killers and was able to approach minor bureaucrats in Korith. The city leadership was struggling with the human problem and Bashari’s cult was hired to murder humans. While the elven leadership was uncomfortable working with humans, they couldn’t argue with the results. Bashari’s cult had many humans in it which made infiltrating human areas much easier then for elven spies. The more they killed the more they rose in prominence through the city leadership, finally they started taking orders directly from the city’s highest authority. During this period the cult satisfied their bloodlust and made significant money. They built their own headquarters inside their old cave and continued to worship the Lord of Torment and indulge in pain and cannibalism, but now in much better living conditions. While important to the town’s objectives the cult was still kept at bay and outside the city.

The greatest expansion of power for the Cult was the war itself. War is always a period of deep instability and Bashari knew that. After years of infiltrating human groups and killing leaders of insurrections the Cult members had turned into efficient and discrete killing machines. Bashari forced on the group a layer of professionalism and turned them from death cultists to an organized group of assassins called The Red Scythe and cut out the city’s leadership going straight to the army leadership to sell their skills as assassins. The new group was incredibly well rewarded by the army that had access to the pooled resources of all races. The group was able to transform their headquarters in an underground complex of tunnels that led back to the city, while collecting the most effective instruments of war and death in their collection. It was during this time the Bashari, the group’s leader, was killed while on a job.

This brought a period of infighting and killings inside the Red Scythe, leading to the eventual rise of an unlikely leader. A young half elven woman called Travinia Tenebrae successfully plotted and schemed her way to leadership by using others to assassinate more established and renowned members of Bashari’s inner circle. Travinia’s leadership quickly focused on deception and secrecy. It was Travinia that put forth the importance of creating a legitimate cover for their activities. She commissioned an artist to create a white marble statue with gold decorations of the Lady of The Moon. After killing the artist, she brought with her a group of her own inner circle to Korith. Disguised as a religious order that worships the Lady of the Moon they declared having found a lost statue of their Lady and proclaimed the area in which it was found to be a holy site. On that holy site they built their temple, right above the Red Scythe’s headquarters.

Travinia also created a rigid structure within the group. The Initiates are individuals, usually children, taken by members of the group to be indoctrinated in their ways. From there 5 septs were created within the group that work together to execute jobs. The Envoys are specialists in deception and trade and are responsible for the logistics involved with a job. The Eyes are spies whose job is collecting information on targets. The Magistrates are versed in magic and provide support with any magical obstacles. The Artificers are responsible for building unique weapons and mechanisms for the various jobs. The Assassins are the ones that will execute the job by killing the target. They will also plan the job using the information from the Eyes, direct the Envoys to put in place anything they need and obtain special magic or technological support from the Magistrates and Artificers. The council decides the future of the Red Scythe and what jobs will be accepted. It consists of the Grand Scythe (the appointed leader) and the leaders of each sept.

Travinia’s ruse worked wonderfully. Many members were sent topside to pretend to be monks and perform actual charitable acts. The Followers of the Moon quickly became famous for their charity. That was specially important due to the utter misery brought upon by the war. When the war finally ended the Followers were revered and many people in Korith and surrounding area turned to the Lady of The Moon. As the city grew the monastery was absorbed into the growing metropolis, where it stands to this day.

It was centuries after the end of the war and Travinia’s consolidation of power that a Korithian noble elven woman gave up her baby to the Followers of The Moon to be raised as a monk. The baby was quickly sent down and became an initiate. They were not given a name until the age of 9 when they first killed a person and partook of their flesh. They were named Velthar and carried that name with them during their work as an Assassin. During their time with the Red Scythe Velthar was seen as a very competent and efficient assassin. Foregoing weapons and using their own body as a weapon, Velthar preferred a stealth approach which led them to study the way of shadows. Eventually, Velthar learned how to move through shadow itself. At the age of 27, during a commonplace job to kill a local union leader making trouble for a rich nobleman, Velthar’s life changed forever. Velthar’s plan was simple. They would get in and kill the target, his wife and both their children. Then, the Envoy would bring a wagon and take the bodies and belonging away, making it look like the guy skipped town. After dispatching most of the family all that was left was the target’s sleeping wife. Velthar put a pillow over her head and wind up their fist as the woman panicked and struggled. She grabbed Velthar wrist and in an instant the dragon blood that ran through her veins brought forth magic. A telepathic bond was formed between her and Velthar. They saw her life, her joys and sorrows, her husband and kids, her parents and her sister. Family gatherings, arguments and fights, they saw this person’s full life in an instant. Then they heard a familiar crunch of bone under his fist. He lifted the pillow so see her broken skull and for the first time mourned the end of a life. They quickly called the Envoy and executed the plan and as the Envoy left with the bodies Velthar walked away. From this city and from this life. They renounced the name Velthar and quickly found themselves hunted for trying to leave the Red Scythe. As a nameless wanderer they learned to survive on their own, avoiding towns and cities, living a destitute life. These years are a blur of living in wilderness, hungry and scared. Fighting off Red Scythe Assassins as they were found. Until finally they stopped looking for them.

Freed from the Red Scythe but still wary of returning to civilization, this unnamed wandered became obsessed with three things that brought them joy: seeing the world, food, and meditation. While they had plenty of the first and very little of the second it was in meditation that they found themselves, specifically they found their soul. Unfortunately, what they saw was awful. A black necrotic soul tainted by the unspeakable violence and grotesque habits of the Red Scythe, they saw themselves as a true irredeemable monster. They swore a vow of pacifism and continued on their journey as a wanderer.

Many years later they found themselves in a small village. Taking on manual labor and small jobs to be able to have decent food for the first time in months, quickly they realized this village was constantly attacked by bandits. They tried to leave but saw that the bandits were gonna finally take over and slaughter this tiny village and everyone in it, including children. They decided to take a stand against the bandits, but years without fighting plus age had made him unprepared. They were captured, beaten and tortured. Sheer luck made them able to escape their captors. The village was destroyed and the people in it brutally killed. The bandits mocked him by calling him Faron, which meant wanderer in their local dialect. They adopted the name as a badge of shame and the promise to do better. Faron abandoned their vow of pacifism as they realized that violence can be used for good if done without malice and in the service of others.

For many more years Faron wandered the world. In small villages and tiny towns they did their best to stay under the radar. Every once in a while in a village the were in a local corrupt politician ended up being found in their bed with a broken neck, or the local landlord ended up hanging himself just before he could evict a poor family, maybe the local abusive parent got too drunk and fell down the well. But as Faron helped justice along, they realized their age and body betraying them. While not very old for a half elf, years of malnutrition and sleeping outside in storms and snow left him sick and weak. Looking to find a way to continue helping Faron turned to the only source of power he had left, his twisted soul. He focused on his meditation and not only was able to see his own soul but commune with it. They were able to touch the immense power of the soul and bring that power with him. The power let them fortify their body and move and fight like his youth, albeit momentarily. Faron focused and practiced using this new power as they were able to use more and more and for longer. Using his power to help others, Faron began to see his own soul changing. The horrible black skeletal shape started being wrapped by this golden bandage as it was healing itself.

34 years since abandoning the Red Scythe Faron finds himself in the town of Felderwind. They have spent the last couple of months working at the docks loading and unloading ships. What they make isn’t enough to pay for a room or proper food, and now an undead issue appeared in town. Faron decides it’s time to leave, but first he’s gonna use the last of their money to have one last decent meal at the tavern. What’s the worst that could happen?