half elf. He was the product of a affair by a local noblewoman an elf and poor human man. Being born half elf was a huge problem to the noble woman who decided it would be best if I disappeared. But she wasn’t heartless enough to kill a baby so she gave me up to a monetary of good repute know in noble circles for their good deeds.

Unfortunately they were not what they seemed and we’re in fact worshipers of the Lord of Torment. My body was transformed in a finely honed weapon and I was taught how to kill. The monastery supplied the nobles with contract killers while taking all the money for themselves. After living 27 years as a killer for my adopted family I decided to leave (still thinking about what lead me to question and leave).

That was 34 years ago. I’m now 61 years old and I have lived as basically a transient, going from town to town, staying a while, and doing odd jobs for room and board. I meditate but basically want to stay out of trouble because I do not want to harm anyone. I’m in poor health due to not really having the means to take good care of myself. While I was a formidable assassin in my youth I’m pretty rusty. When the monks took them in they gave them a name based on the traditions of the order (still thinking on that one). When he escaped the monks he left that name behind, years later he was given the name Faron from a family he helped

Also, he was wanted and actively chased by the monks as a traitor for 10 years. That’s when he developed the habit of living as a wanderer, so he wouldn’t attract attention

Today only senior members of the monks would even remember him, but wouldn’t recognize him easily due to age + how rough they look