nym the satyr bard

Nym comes from the town Illslune on the southwest side of the island. His family- him, his father, and his twin sister Flora- were never the wealthiest. That being said, he began to commit scams on street corners to be able to give his family what they needed. The lifestyle made it hard for him to stay in his home town, thus he began traveling around the island to gather money for his family. Along the way, he made a grave mistake by stealing from a truly good man, and he paid the price. The guilt and regret made him rethink his career choices, and he altered his way of life. Nym began focusing more on his passion for music, and began earning money with his instruments. However, he couldn’t resist the temptation from his old life style, and began scamming again. But with new eyes, he only sought after the morally wrong. He begins to see others with the same passions assisting travellers and adventurers with their songs, and he began his studies into being a bard. Now with the knowledge and skill, he goes around collecting money through adventure, songs, and scams to provide for his new lifestyle and his family’s back home.