Sas has worked for many different people as a spy, and has many connections, but is very distrustful and won’t speak about his past. He’s had to fend for himself for a long time since he ran away from his parents to learn to become a druid. He’s been in many near-death situations. He has learned not to trust people, so he is afraid of relationships. He hasn’t spoken to his family for years.

Sas is a changeling who identifies as a man. He was born to two parents, his mother Yin and his father Ahn. He was born in a village, and his family were the only changelings there. His family isolated from the village because they were treated as abnormal. He was not very close to his parents because he resented them for isolating him from society. At a young age, he became involved in running messages for people in the village, which was pretty much his only time to interact with other people. He slowly became involved in running messages for crime reasons. When he wasn’t doing that, he was in the forest around his village, where he met with an elderly druid elf named Pavael, who taught him the basics of being a druid. Pavael was his closest friend. During this time, Sas began to take the form of an elf. Eventually, Sas’s criminal background caught up with him, and he was forced to leave his village, his family, and his mentor behind. He became a wanderer, not staying in one place for too long. During this time, he became more comfortable with taking different forms, although his go-to was always an elf. He got involved in using his druid magic for criminal reasons, and got in trouble a lot; that’s why he moves around so much. The longest he’s spent in one place in the past few decades was when he met another changeling named Rev, who he fell in love with. Rev was also involved in criminal activities, and they lost their life in an operation Sas was involved in. Sas moved on from that area after Rev’s death, not able to deal with his grief, and continued moving around, but (mostly) has left his life of crime behind, becoming a more dedicated druid instead. Sas is middle-aged now, and doesn’t talk much because he doesn’t like opening up to people.