tarot deck

Deck of Cards: Event/Outcome/Person

1 The Crimson King – Uncovering dangerous secrets/Knowledge at great cost/A powerful and dangerous man

2 The Scarlett Queen – Dangerous bargains/Victory only at great cost/A powerful and dangerous woman

3 The Cardinal Knight – Violence or War/End reached through bloody conflict/Angry or violent young man

4 The Azure King – Time of learning/Knowledge will prove invaluable/A sage or scholar

5 The Cobalt Queen - Something forgotten will return/Forgetting a wrong or slight will cause it to happen again/Someone you never thought you’d see again

6 The Cyan Knight – Facing the consequences of ignorance/What you don’t know will hurt you/An unexpected enemy

7 The Viridian King – Consequences/Someone you wronged will have their revenge/Someone with a personal grudge

8 The Emerald Queen – Conspiracies/A plot against you will play out/A jealous woman

9 The Jade Knight – Rivalries/If you don’t take them seriously enough, a rival will best you/A rival

10 The Obsidian King – A warned event will come to pass/Success or failure will depend on how warnings were heeded/A male practitioner of dark magic

11 The Onyx Queen – A change of forture/A reversal, either good or bad/A woman whose first impression matters

12 The Black Knight – A grudge/You will make an enduring enemy/A soldier from a defeated army

13 The Bone King – News of a death/Final endings/A dying man

14 The Frost Queen – Loss of someone powerful’s favor/Fall from grace/A widow

15 The Pale Knight – Return of a trouble thought over/Recurring trouble/Someone thought to be dead

16 The Herald of Sorrows – Bad news/Things will end poorly for someone close/A tragic youth

17 The King’s Assassin – A betrayal by someone powerful/Make a powerful enemy/A traitor in a position of advantage

18 The Queen’s Thief – Underhanded dealings/Loss of something valuable/A charming rogue

19 The Conqueror – A shift in personal power/Dramatic gain or loss of power/An ambitious man

20 The High Priest – A test of faith (Religious or otherwise)/Success or loss depends on the aid of others/Someone of a devout or religious order

21 The Witch – A string of bad luck/Something will have to be set right before luck can turn/A female practitioner of dark magic

22 The Gypsy – Scams and false flattery/Trust the wrong people, and they will take you for a ride/Someone young and charming

23 The Jester – Loss or respect or jokes at your expense/You will be made a laughingstock/Someone whose reputation has suffered

24 The Virgin – Unfamiliar circumstances/You will be forced to navigate a challenge unprepared/An innocent

25 The Whore – A financial loss/May fall prey to excessive spending/An ambitious woman

26 The Alchemist – Physical or Spiritual transition/Irreversible personal change/A practitioner of strange sciences

27 The Physician – Aid from another/Slow healing physical, mental, or spiritual wounds/Someone you already put faith in (Parent, teacher, etc.)

28 The Occultist – Painful Knowledge/Something wicked comes/Someone who should not be here

29 The Hunter – Gains through long pursuit/The chase will yield it’s prizes/Someone on a quest or mission

30 The Bleeding Man – Pain/No matter the outcome, the path will be suffering/A victim or persecution or torture

31 The Scarred Man – Changed by suffering/Painful events will have lasting ramifications/Someone who carries the physical or mental marks of a great wrong

32 The Judge – Decisions/Positive outcomes only achieved if choices are made with reason, not passion/Older man in a position of authority

33 The Jury – Judgement/Outcome determined by others/A group of strangers

34 The Headsman – The Rule of Law/Law upheld/A lawman

35 The Traveler – A journey/A change of locations/Someone from far away

36 The Twins – A powerful bond/Live or die for someone/Someone with a powerful spiritual bond to the drawer or two people bonded to each other (identical twins, soul mates, etc.)

37 Sacrifice – A willing loss/Results for others worth personal cost/A man willingly suffering

38 Birth – Gain that will change everything/Someone or something will come into your life that will drastically alter it/A pregnant woman

39 Death – Complete transition/Irreversible change/Someone in mourning

40 The Wedding – Unification and bonds/Formation of loves, friendships, or strong alliances/A new and close friend or ally

41 The Funeral – An ending or conclusion/Bittersweet parting/Someone who has come to you because of a mutual loss

42 The Tournament – An exciting challenge/A shot at glory/A friendly rival

43 Feast – Joy and festicity/Impressive but temporary gains/A wealthy and generous man

44 Famine – Times of need/Crushing but temporary losses/A miser

45 Reincarnation – New beginnings/The start of a new life/Someone who has undergone a recent transition

46 The Ravens – Aftermath of tragedy/Profiting from loss/Opportunist or Profiteer

47 The White Wolf – Spiritual awakening/A personal epiphany/A spiritualist

48 The Black Dog – Misfortune/No way to get out unscathed/Someone cursed

49 The Red Stallion – An adventure/A new and exciting experience/A bold adventurer

50 The Silver Stag – A chase or pursuit/Chance at an elusive prize/An enigmatic stranger

51 The Bull – Rapid progress/Ends achieved through brute force and determination/A laborer or someone of similar origins

52 The Goat –Overcoming obstacles/Resilience and tenacity will win the day/Someone from harsh circumstances

53 The Cat - You will overhear something/Solutions will come through subtlety and discretion/Someone frequently disregarded or underestimated

54 The Rat - Subterfuge and underhanded dealings/The most clever will win/A spy or thief

55 The Two-Headed Serpent – Flattery and false promises/Grave consequences if you trust the wrong person/A charming liar

56 The Spider - Beware of traps and snares/Failure unless you spot all the complications/Someone of few words and complex machinations

57 The Mermaid - Seduction and risky affairs/heartbreak and tragic endings/a heartsick woman

58 The Manticore - Close alliances and co-conspirators/your misdeeds will bind you to your partners in crime/A gang or party

59 The Viper - Meddling in places you don’t belong/there week be a cost for getting involved in matters that are not your place/a dangerous loner

60 The Leviathan - A natural or unavoidable disaster/outcome determined by circumstances beyond your control/Someone linked to the Void

61 The Scorpion - Someone will try and ruin you/You will be struck at at every turn/Someone with a petty grudge

62 The Wasps - Mass hysteria and mob rule/outcome will be decided by the crowd/a group or mob

63 The Bear – Guarding that which you love/Someone or something you care about will rely on you to aid them/Protective older person

64 The Sword - Strength/Your strength will determine the outcome/A knight or military officer

65 The Spear - Protection/Your ability to protect someone or something will determine the outcome / A guard or soldier

66 The Axe - You will be the agent of justice/ your judgement or actions will determine if justice is served/a vigilante

67 The Hammer – Force/Outcome will be determined by martial prowess/A ruffian or barbarian

68 The Knife – Guile/Outcome will be determined by cunning/A courtier or diplomat

69 The Rose – Winning fame or favor/You success will earn you reputation and acclaim/A young and beautiful woman

70 The Broken Tower - Calamity/Failure of Endeavors/Someone who has suffered a recent failure.

71 The Bridge – Joining together of two unlikely things/Unexpected alliances/A foe turned friend

72 The Gallows Tree – Punishment/Making amends for your actions or words/A criminal

73 The Poisoned Cup – A gift, reward, or treasure will bring misfortune/Even an apparent success will reap sorrow/Someone who will try to ply you with false generosity

74 The Chalice – Joy and reward/Your endeavors will yield success and great gains/Someone famous

75 The Sea – Journey over water/Cross a great physical distance/A fickle woman

76 The Lightning Struck Ship – A difficult journey/A life-or-death struggle/A sudden adversary

77 The Desert – Loneliness and isolation/A struggle that must be faced alone/A wanderer or hermit

78 The Mountain – Test of physical or mental endurance/Toughness will win the day/An unusually large person

79 The Forest – Confounding factors and unclear paths/A confusing journey, easy to lose sight of the purpose/A woodsman or ranger

80 The Path – Clarity of purpose/Intent and purpose will be clear or obnvious/A tracker or guide

81 The Stairway – Opportunities/Great things if you proceed carefully, a terrible slip and fall if you do not/An architect or builder

82 The Rising Sun – New beginnings and limitless potential/Your actions in the immediate future will have long-lasting benefits or consequences/A young child

83 The Sun at Zenith – Hard work will yield great benefits/You will sow and reap in equal measure/Someone respected and established in their trade

84 The Setting Sun – Rest and peaceful conclusions/The ending of a job or similar/A retired person

85 The New Moon – The unknown/Unexpected event will change everything/A blind man

86 The Crescent Moon – Half-truths and incomplete predictions/Unsatisfactory conclusions and unfinished business/a restless youth

87 The Full Moon – True predictions/An unfolding of prophecy or fortunes/A seer

88 Wind – Constant changes and reversals/No results, good or bad, will endure for long/A moody or unstable person

89 Snow – Confusion and obfuscation/You will remain in ignorance or confusion/A mute

90 The Star - A quest or journey/the start of a new mission/a mentor or guide

91 The Demon – Punishment/All sins punished/A torturer

92 The Devil – Bargains and deals/An arrangement twisted against you/A drafter of contracts

93 The Fey – Mysteries/Inconclusive or strange endings/A mysterious or unknown person

94 The Dragon – A life-changing challenge/Death or glory/A powerful adversary

95 Dreams – Unlikely adventures or encounters with the uncanny/The ending will be a far cry from where you began/Someone fae-touched

96 Nightmares – Things long-feared will come to pass/Things will appear far worse before they get better/A madman

97 Time – Facing the inevitable/Change that you are powerless to fight/Someone important from your past

98 The Treasure Hoard – The prize at the end of the challenge/Great reward after great challenge or suffering/Someone you will have to fight for

99 DM’s Choice

100 Something that should not be. Make up a card that isn’t in the deck.