First meeting!

We handed out characters, briefly went over the basics for our new players, and then jumped right into exploring the mysterious Prison of the Hated Pretender.

Note that initial characters were all pregenerated to avoid overwhelming our newcomers with rules right off the bat. We’ll ease into more detailed rules later.

Our heroes decided to scale the back wall of the tower, successfully using a grappling hook between the spires of the giant crown to find themselves in a rooftop garden of sorts – a bathtub had been converted into a planter for a giant pumpkin. Ignoring the weird machine in the corner, the adventurers bashed in a trap door and entered the room behind the sculpted face’s eye holes, where the fading twilight light revealed a bloodstain leading downstairs.

At the top of the stairs they were attacked by two ghostly apparitions, which they easily dispatched. Noting that the wraiths attacked the lantern-bearer, the wizard magically suspended it in mid-air before descending the stairs.

At the foot of the spiral staircase was a room covered in defaced frescoes, depicting the brutal despotic rule and eventual gruesome downfall of an ancient king.