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(We can insert character names when we have them all.)

Nicholas is playing a Dragonborn Hermit Druid (using the full rules) who lives in the woods near Phandalin. While on a pilgrimage up the Sword Coast he met Carlos’ Pickpocket Rogue, who was making himself scarce after an altercation with his old gang the Redbrands about a pipeweed deal turned very ugly. Ani’s Hired Killer Rogue had left the gang for a different reason, and met Carlos at a predetermined spot, where they journeyed to Neverwinter. The druid ran into the pair while looking to buy Longbottom Leaf, and they happily supplied it. The taciturn hermit and the criminal pair have gotten along well since then, for reasons none of them can understand.

Will’s Cavalryman Fighter had mustered out of his unit. Ambushed by a band of goblins, his horse was injured in the fight but luckily the druid healed it. Unfortunately he ran into another band and lost his horse, and ended up at Neverwinter, running into the druid and his new companions.

Our intrepid band met Amara’s Poet Bard while looking for work in the city of Neverwinter. She thought they were so incongruous that they’d undoubtedly make a great story she could use in the future, so she’s been hanging out with them.

Rachel’s Ranger joined up after a conversation at a trading post. Being naturally lonely, she glommed onto the group.


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