Microlite20 Rules


We’ll start out with Microlite20, a stripped-down version of 3rd Edition D&D that’s great for beginners, available here.

We’ll eventually “graduate” to the current D&D 5th Edition, since that’s what everyone else is playing. But Microlite20 has two pages of rules, while even the basic 5th Edition rulebook is almost 200.

(I’m trying for a gentle start here – I’ve seen too many enthusiastic players get turned off forever by the immense wall of text that modern RPGs hit you with, even the supposed “starter set” versions.)

I’ve made two modifications to the rules:

  1. Hit points are split into the Strength stat (which heals slowly) and the rolled die plus STR mod part, which you get back after a short rest.
  2. Level bonus for skill checks is half rounded up. (Straight level makes everyone more and more similar as you gain experience, a flaw in 3rd Edition that Microlite20 inherited.)