Low-tech world, non-Contestant

Tech -2 Environ +1 Resources -2

“Divine right of kings”
“Coilgun empires”
“Bolton welcomes our foreign devil overlords”

A long inhabited world, Bolton has not recovered from a violent collapse. Most of the inhabitable planet is an agricultural patchwork of ethnicities, religions, and languages.

Gunpowder empires—Kask, Ambrosaan, Chmau, and other smaller states—were already spreading prior to the first Alliance traders. Now off-world coilguns are the prestige weapon, sold for colonization rights that are making Bolton a face of the Contestants’ tensions. Khartoumi adventurers and arms dealers are working with all sides, including playing Lawrence of Arabia with local subalterns. The most numerous Contestant colonists are 'Novan mercenaries.

The planet Bolton is tectonically dead with a dense nitrogent-neon-oxygen atmosphere. Shallow round seas fill impact craters left by the comets that the Confederazione dropped onto its surface to provide water.

Connections: New Lisutu, New Terranova, Rhodes-Tufts