The Confederazione was a major interstellar civilization responsible for terraforming most of the planets of the Bolton Cluster. Direct records are fragmentary, but scholars suspect the polity ruled in some fashion across more than one hundred star systems, with knowledge of many more.

The reasons for the downfall of this vast civilization remain unknown, but depopulation of most planets was one outcome. The megastructure in the outer reaches of the New Terranova star system is linked to the exodus, or to a existential shift in its wake. All star systems in the cluster were subsequently recolonized from civilizations that took to the stars long after the end of the Confederazione. Eta Berenikê, Maraksh, and Bolton retain Confederazione gene lines.

Major Confederazione artifacts remain on Khartoum Jdeed, Rhodes-Tufts, and Hamadryad, with some structures and remnants visible in every system except Vosh, but the most by far are on Bolton, the oldest colony in the cluster.