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“Meditative retreat”
“Let me adjust that for you”
“Making the cluster safe”

The old names are SAMAASTOMDALOU, “Ninth Honor of [[Andalou?]],” and ANDLOWSTA, “Most Andlawy, None Truer to Andalou”

Eta is e tā, “the planet [right here]”

Etans built the first slipstream drives in cluster recorded history, following archaeological hints and legendary memories of star travel. Their explorers found the Khartoum Jdeed system, the Khartoumis themselves on the cusp of slipstream travel. The two societies rediscovered their contact with humans across the stars, and an intense cultural, economic, religious, and scientific exchange began: the Alliance is not a political union, as each world has several governments and forms of organization, but a reflection of a high degree of mutual dependence. The Alliance charters and regulates interstellar businesses and development groups across the Contestant developing systems, and sells or leases slipstream ships; there is little in the way of an Alliance military, but the Orbital Guard has a variety of police and rescue activities.

Etans favor a dirigiste society with extensive planning, overview, and review; the stereotypical Etan is orderly, reserved, thrifty, and concerned with self improvment. Contemplative arts, peaceful intricate music, and an active theosophical life are favored Etan pursuits. With the nicer planet by far, Etans have hosted a great deal of Khartoumi immigration, and in many cities the distinction is disappearing.

Population - around 3 billion, .5 off the planet Languages - several dozen in one corner or another of Eta’s broad continents, a legacy of several waves of colonization and repopulation. At present the Khartoumi language Burtuges has supplanted Rzi, Mo’olig, Gsuiss, and other Etan majority languages as the educated business standard. Burtuges is several removes related to a handful of Etan language, with vocabulary common to more, and has opened the way to understanding enormous archives from a previous interstellar metacivilization.

THIS IS ALL HIGHLY DEPRECATED AS OF 14 April, 2019… Burtuges, forsooth. This is over 250,000 years from now, if they know Portuguese or Arabic, it is because they are civilizational treasures from the Cradle World, from the Zeroeth Age before interstellar travel even.

Connections: Maraksh, Khartoum Jdeed

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