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Alliance\Contestants space: The Tonbol Cluster; the Lace\Ninth Honor Interface

The Alliance is the cultural and economic interstellar association of two star systems.
The Contestants are three interplanetary civilizations of approximately the same power.

Early in the previous century, the planet Eta returned to interstellar travel after some centuries keeping to their small star system. Etan explorers contacted Khartoum and the Star of Refuge, a large and highly developed system. Khartoum, for reasons of their own, have avoided hyperspace and use of the slipstream for 3,400 Old Years, instead reviving sublight interstellar travel. Eta and Khartoum are quite alien to one another, with no common history or shared culture for the last 180,000 Old Years – quite separate branches of the Terhumene, meeting at the far end of the galaxy. The result has been a century of astonishment…




Low-technology worlds

Remote world

Historical Civilizations

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