Khartoum Jdeed

Khartoum Jdeed (Alliance)

Tech +3 Environ 0 Resources +3

“Competitive thrill-seekers”
“Made in Khartoum”
“The ugly American”

Don’t go out without your helmet and sandmesh when the sky goes red with weird local hydrocarbons…

Khartoum Jdeed is another marginal world, rich in minerals but hot, glaring, in need of constant ecological fiddling, and prone to violent weather. The stereotypical Khartoumi is large, loud, active, intensely individualistic, and highly competitive. Sports and thrill-seeking occupy a major portion of Khartoumi culture: challenge yourself and know you are alive. Not all Khartoumis are satisfied with orbital jumps, or gymkhana boxing, nor even running trade routes through the rowdy and lower tech Contestant systems: wherever there is conflict, Khartoumi arms dealers and other shady characters are likely to be found. Quite a few have found their way to New Terranova, aiding and sometimes coming to lead combat flotillas. Loud Khartoumi tourists, hunters, martial ascetics and scientists swarm Maraksh, and found across the major sites of Hamadryad, Bolton, and of course Alliance partner Eta. Bolton offers a place to play Rimbaud, Lawrence of Arabia, or the Banana companies in the Caribbean.

With their large system’s resources (multiple jovian planets, rich dust clouds, a dense planetoid belt full of heavy and rare metals, abundant water, and bright F8 sunlight, most Alliance industry, including nearly all starship manufacture, has migrated to Khartoum Jdeed. A typical Alliance concern will have Khartoumi research and creative staff, mixed management, and Etan finance and legal. A significant portion of the native Etan workforce is active in Khartoumi space, but off the planet in extensive habs, long-term residence on vast armadas of ships, orbital and atmo-skimming works at the jovians… Alliance T3 ship life is much like living in one office or apartment building, seeing the same faces for weeks if not months on end. The Etan end of Alliance culture goes within, into meditative silence; the Khartoumi style is for loud phatic sociability.

Major languages are called Arabi and Burtugese, closely descended from pre-Spacing Terran ‘lects with extensive loanwords from the tongues of three succeeding interstellar hegemonies.

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