New Lisutu


Tech +1 Environment -1 Resources +1

“Patriotic fervor”
“Poison garden”
“Wealthy xenophobes”

A lovely moon of a superjovian, with plenty of every other resource at hand except dry real estate. The moon has a native alien biology entirely incompatible with human life. Exposure to the autochthonous biology leads to deadly environmental diseases. An early period of destructive terraforming left the oceans sterile. The Basutu have lived for millennia in sealed environments. Basutu now treasure the native life and scorn the devastation of the first colonists. They have developed the habit of settlement below ground, on the ocean surface and beneath the waves. Vast subterranean spaces and oceanbed domes are now filled with human-compatible life, a product of generations of careful toil. Life in space is very little different from that groundside, with the advantage of killing you much faster in the event of habitat breach.

Life in a sealed world requires discipline. Resources are carefully managed by conservative bureaucracies. All Basutu train in protocols for handling fire, loss of air, water, or power, and riot. In the past the strain of this discipline was sometimes too much, and an individual Musutu would “spring a leak,” murdering others until killed. “Leaks” have since been eliminated by mandatory drugs and hypnotherapy—mostly.

The appearance of humans from Outside has provoked a vast military build-up. Outsiders are known to breath open air on their worlds: the very idea fills most Basutu with mingled dread and envy. The Basutu see 'Novans, who live exclusively in space habitats, as the exception to this madness. The open violence of ‘Novan societies makes establishing relations with them difficult, but the Lisutu authorities seek allies against the perceived threats of the technologically superior Alliance and the Rhodians’ alien culture.

Slipstream connections to Bolton, New Terranova, Rhodes-Tufts, and Icharus IV