New Terranova


Tech +1 Environ -3 Resources -2

“Belter warlords”
“Compete or die!”
“Dark side of Khartoum”

A violent space-born society. ‘Novans live in a myriad of planetoid habitats, space stations, and vast ancient ships. The planet of New Terranova itself is no more, deconstructed along with most of the rest of the system by an earlier Collapsing civilization to build a lattice-like superconstruct in the system’s kuiper belt. While some worldlets are reclusive, all are heavily armed and have fought endless wars for the scraps of the system.

Each faction nurses its grudges against the others, never forgetting an annihilated habitat or an act of treason. The scarcity of resources leads most ‘Novan bands to practice egalitarianism among themselves, with intensive education and training of all members. Rank, skill, titles, and ceremonial honors constitute a ‘Novan’s wealth. Reproduction is a privilege won by formal contest (frequently to the death) or by other demonstration of prowess.

There is little surplus to purchase the slipstream ships needed to mine (or invade) other systems, but adventurers from Khartoum find the excitement of brigandry coin enough. Many ‘Novans are emmigrating to the new Hamadryad colonies, to Maraksh, and to Bolton. ‘Novan mercenaries fight for every petty state on Bolton with land to settle them on.

The interplanetary civilizations of Terranova, Rhodes-Tufts, and New Lisutu constitute the Contestants, originally an Alliance designation; Hamadryad is sometimes numbered among them. ‘Novan rivalries already play out in the green spaces of Bolton.

General Asalanata of the Blue Night, Coms-Reve 6th Fleet, Fourth Castellan of lost Hyderabad Major (its rupture be avenged!), Hereditary Under-Secretary Ecologs, and a remarkable pistoleer.

Connections: New Lisutu, Bolton, Rhodes-Tufts, Hamadryad, Maraksh