Tech +1 Environ -2 Resources -1

“All for the synsomativity”
“Cybernetic shared mind”
“Promising ally?”

Rhodes is a marginal terraformed planet inhabitable at the poles, with near-boiling salt marshes across the equator. The Tufts are planetoids in orbits that swing quite close to the slipstream points. The system’s water is processed from the equatorial region, where the local dinoids make exciting hunting; and from the atmosphere of a jovian planet.

Rhodian society is intricately organized with an ideology called Synsomativity and with pervasive cybernetics. Children are raised in crèches, learning and communicating through implanted information technology that allows an uncanny degree of coördination and shared experience. They may sing and vocalize, but do not typically speak: language is handled through the implants. Rhodians communicate to outsiders only with difficulty; several centuries of this cyber-telepathic development has drastically altered their thought processes. They are interested in trade and development, without the militarism typical of the other Contestants. This makes them a favored market for the saner elements of the Alliance.

Connections: Bolton, New Terranova, Hamadryad