Isolated high-tech world

Technology +3, Environment +2, Resources +1

“Byzantium has nothing on Vosh”
“Inscrutable AIs”
“Remote and disinterested”

The lush fourth planet of a bright yellow sun, Vosh has had a stable if static and stuffy civilization for some 1200 local years. Everyone is prosperous, but the marks between profession-clans are strong: Food-engineers do not mix with Geothermal-monitors, and Chess-garden-architects are not seen with High-atmospheric-thermal-texturists, though each of these two may mingle and contract marriages with Water-distribution-speculators. Voshians have many intricate hobbies, ritual athletics, form- and rule-governed art forms, and other inward-looking occupations.

Off Vosh itself, society extends to the many ancient habitats occupying LaGrange points around the inner planets. The habitats, and the interface vehicles running between them and the planet, are maintained by AIs created by a previous civilization. The Habitat-brains and ship-brains are inscrutable, difficult to communicate with, and nearly impossible to successfully argue with. By now most Voshites have forgotten about them: they and their bizarre obsessions are merely a set of the things in life one must accept without understanding.

Voshites are neither by disposition inclined toward innovation & basic science, nor are their institutions supportive of such tendencies. The interstellar technology, advanced cosmology, environmental systems, and other features of Vosh tech life are mostly wheedled or gifted from the habitat-brains.

The economy providing supplies to the habitats is mostly automated. The few jump-ships are owned and operated by peculiar, marginal, thrill-seeking Voshites who don’t care for the fussy tastes of their homeworld. Spacers are oddballs, loners, show-offs, the peculiar rich and the obsessed idealist. Exploration of the jump-lines have led to many boring red stars with no worlds to speak of… and Icharus IV, the savage, romantic frontier.

Beyond Icharus IV, the rest of the cluster has hardly been visited by Voshites. New Lisutu’s isolationist policy discourages traffic through the system, and even at a lower technological level, Vosh has no military vessels. That will change if Lisutu changes its policy…

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