The World of Alzaria is a mystical realm of Mighty heroes and powerful Villains; of many races and cultures; Of Myth and Magic, and of Dungeons and Dragons. Basically this Wiki is for all the information about the World I created for my dungeons and dragons 4.0 campaign. Although it was brief, because I stopped running it due to lack of commitment from the players, I put a lot of work into it, and it would be a big shame if it was wasted. So I am creating this Wiki so that I can use the information again in the future and have it available in an organized format that I can easily refer to.

So, after talking with my current d&d group, I am going to be running a 3.5 game. So I now have a chance to revive the world of Alzaria, yay!!!

Guess I better get on with finishing this Wiki.


Alzaria (Continent)