The Races that populate the world are more or less the same as those presented in the dungeons and dragons 4.0 Rulebooks and sources. Here is a bit of information about the common races culture in Alzaria.

Humans: The Empire of men is made up of 4 kingdoms, each ruled by an individual Lord or king who swears fealty to the Emperor, who himself rules over the 5th. The Empire encompasses the majority of the Alzaria Continent, with great walls built all along its borders. The kingdoms that make up the Empire are Mars, the capital, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune, each of them has a city named after the Kingdom and a number of smaller settlements. Each kingdom has its own military, the most efficient of which is Mars royal army. The religion in the human empire is vastly divided, though each kingdom tends to favour a specific deity, there are worshipers of many different deities all over the empire. People also worship the great dragons, there are cults set up who treat the oldest of each chromatic dragon as a deity, each cult worships a different colour and are located in different cities.

Elves: The elves in Alzaria have their own kingdom, on the southern end of the Alzaria Continent, by the name of Seledor. Seledor is mainly a large forest, with villages built in clearings, featuring ornate looking wooden buildings. The capital, named Seledor also, is protected by a wooden wall forming a square perimeter of the city. The Elven Military features 3 different divisions. First are the Sword-masters; wearing heavy armour and armed with long swords, most also use shields and some carry short swords as off-hand weapons. These make up the majority of the Elven armies. The second division is the rangers. Lightly armoured and carrying bows, experts at tracking their foes through the woodland that makes up the majority of their lands. Then there is the druid division, mainly healers, as opposed to fighters. The druids also act as religious leaders, and worship the great dragon of nature. When it comes to religion, most Elves worship the great dragon of nature, the oldest of the Green dragons, as a deity, very few elves become paladins or clerics because of this. There are a few elves who worship the more traditional deities in the dungeons and dragons universe, and they are able to pray at the chapel of the gods in the Capital city of Seledor.

Gnomes: The gnomes of Alzaria have their own kingdom of Kribble in the south-east of the Alzaria continent, bordering two of the kingdoms of men, and the elven kingdom, with its eastern border to the great ocean. The legend goes that the 1st emperor banished all the gnomes from the empire and they build a small settlement, that later became a the City of Kribbleton. Several other towns and settlements exist in Kribble, the second largest of which is Zigwatt, the gnome port. The gnomes have a peaceful lifestyle, with tall walls around each of their towns to protect the townsfolk from wild animals, and the other kingdoms protecting them from invasion by the nasty bigfolk. Religion in Kribble tends be very diverse, though no one seems to hold with the idea that dragons even exist, let alone worship them.

Dwarves: The dwarves don’t have a kingdom as such, there are 3 Dwarf holds, great underground cavern cities. Each has slightly different customs and laws. Karak Eln’s main entrance is located in the Human kingdom of Venus, they also have a back, concealed, entrance in the west of the Elven kingdom. Karak Eln is most famous for its blacksmiths and artificers. They have crafted some of the most powerful magical items in existence, and the craftsmanship of their armour and weapons are without equal. The second hold is Karak Orn, Located in the far south, In the Gnomish kingdom of Kribble. These dwarves are great warriors, their military might is without equal, though it has never been tested. Last but not least, Karak Jam, located under the border watch mountains, named so because they cover the border cross-section of Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. This hold is the location of the only paladin order consisting of only dwarves, who worship the God Moradin. Some dwarves leave their subterranean homes and find livelihoods in the kingdoms of the empire.

Orcs: On the northern border of the Empire lie the Orcish wastes, no one knows how far they truly reach as the orcs don’t abide visitors to pass. There are often orc raids that manage to sneak over or, more likely, under the walls. There have been a few attempts in the past to invade the wastes but the orcs’ ferocity, combined with the harsh environment, has driven the empire back each time. Many half orcs populate the villages that lie near the borders of the wastes, either those that venture out of the wastes to find a home in the empire, or the results of the orc raids. Other races found in the wastes range from goblins right up to ogres.

Dragonborn: These reptilian bipedals mainly live in an area known as the dragon realm. Great walls surround its borders tower over even the empire’s walls. No human has ever ventured into the dragon realm. Those dragonborn that venture out of the realm and make lives in the other kingdoms are shunned by the others, for they consider themselves above all other species and shouldn’t dirty themselves by even conversing with the lesser races.

Eladrin: Known as the high elves, the eladrin reside in the feywild. Some find their way to Alzaria through natural portals between the realms, though most can only be accessed if the conditions are perfect.

Other: The other common races find homes in the empire, half elves are common in Venus, as it is closest to the elven kingdom, and halflings can be found all over.