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Summary: Gelöscht


< Stunav the cleric initiate to the order of the sun worshippers of the immortal Sol sat at table 14 in the Dragon and Oliphant inn, observing the behavior of the party she was to dub "Stunav's Crew".
< Rooks the scholar had his ears open for the chatter in the room taking it all in, drinking deep of the knowledge floating around the room, noting all information on the origins of the city of Angfeld and the current rat problems.
< Kaslo the centre of the room her huge arms instinctively reaching behind her to check her enormous sword was still with her.
< Shenti an expert in many things was hardly noticed checking over his collection of rusty daggers he had just purchased from Redmond the pawn broker around the corner.
< Gunnerman the owner returned to the table "Lein is waiting for you over at the stables, do a days worth of rat killing this afternoon and evening and I will pay you each a gold piece". Leaving table 14 the group made their way across the road to the stables and down into the storage area below. A noise had the group clearing piles of straw hoping to catch some rats. Shenti instinctively found a secret door leading to a dark corridor, the door was spiked open and entered without much delay.
< It was decided Kaslo would lead the group into the dark low corridor followed by Shenti with Stunav and then Rooks making sure they were not suprised from behind. The party was taking care, moving slowly but soon enveloped in a thick fog making visibility poor, the pary had second thoughts, returning to the confines of the common room seemed like a good idea, the scream of a dying animal reverberated through the catacombs.
< The corridor ended in a dead end, Shenti opened his lock knife again and out of nowhere a portal opened in the stone as another secret door was discovered. This room was square, buttresses encroaching around the door to a circular tiled section in the centre the middle of which a plinth a grotesque... an animal of stone... no soul, a Babewyn.
< Shenti threw a fist of chalk into the room. The statue came to life and smashed the chalk with its claw-like fingers, raising a cloud of chalk dust then cleared the remains to the nearest edge of the circular tiled section. An attempt was made to rope the statue but as soon as the lasso made contact with its stone skin, it tore the rope to pieces and cleared the remains from its tiles. Shenti used his skills to climb the buttresses and scout the room without touching the central section, finding a number of rat carcasses and the skeletal remains of giant rats the size of dogs. The remains clustered to the south west of the room between a closed door and the circular tiled section. A plan was hatched to collect bundles of straw to distract the Babewyn so the party could make its way to the north.
< The party in front of the north door the Babywyn returning to the plinth after chasing down the bundles of straw thrown to other parts of the room, the Babewyn feels nothing.
< At the end of another short section of corridor stood a door this time. The considerable strength of Kaslo was tested as the remains of a man were chocked against the door. Examination of the body and surrounding area resulted in Kaslo picking up a mace she seemed to be most pleased with, a few gold peices found their way into Shenties pouch and Rooks noted they were in the sewer sytem as the area was wide and tall compared to the cramped corridors of the secret tunnels, a channel ran down the middle foul water heading east.
< After checking to the west, finding the way blocked by magic locks on iron bars, the party headed east down the foul stream.
< A reptilian head appeared at the edge of the lantern light. Kaslo hesitated while Rooks grabbed the initiative bravely letting loose a bullet from his sling into the corridor behind the advancing behemoth of scales and hate.
< A dagger from Shenti's collection joined Rooks' stone as the demonic creature rose up and dislocated its jaw in an attempt to take all of Kaslo's giant frame into its gaping maw. A neat strike to the side of the head from Kaslo's mace is all the giant python got for its efforts as the party started to move at pace in the direction of the door they had just spiked open. Stunav and Shenti were making pace to the door as Rooks lowered his head and spoke the language of magic into his winding hands unleashing a dart of energy that struck the fell beast square in the eyes causing it much confusion.
< This was all Kaslo needed as she turned and trailed the party back to the Babewyns clean tiles. Without stopping Kaslo hurtled through the corridor the sounds of scales on stone filling her minds eye as she dove around a buttress avoiding the babewyns fingers dripping with the blood of Rooks who had fallen prey to the Babewyn as he stumbled onto the circular tiled area. A golden light filed the room as Kaslo stood in defiance of the giant python, Stunav's hand aglow with healing light holding Rooks' right arm hanging grotesquely by a thread just below the shoulder.
< The babewyn's claw-like fingers spraying scales and sinew as the champion of Set surrounded it with its flesh to no avail.
< Table 14, The Dragon and Oliphant, Stunav's Crew a shiny gold piece each (well Shenti was holding Rooks' in case he did not make it through the night).


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