Breaking the Real

On a critical miscast (usually rolling a natural 1 when casting a spell), in addition to any other effects, the caster breaks the real. This is usually bad news.

When a caster breaks the real, the spell’s effect is replaced with a random effect from the table below.

The abyssal spell … allows a caster to break the real at will. The academic spell Steady the Real creates a conjured magical field where breaking the real is less likely.

Break the Real (1d100)

  1. A true demon steps in through a rift in the real. Treat this as casting Summon Demon for a demon with 1d20 hit dice. The caster gets no chance to dominate it.
  2. The caster’s skeleton animates as an undead - while still in the caster’s body. Roll 1d6 to see what it wants:
    1. To get out. Better lay down a tarp.
    2. To kill the caster an reanimate the rest of him or her.
    3. To eat brains. Thankfully not the caster’s.
    4. To run away. Far away, where it’s quiet. Then, it begins to whisper…
    5. To teach the caster some forbidden knowledge or spell.
    6. To help the caster fight and survive to the best of its ability - we’re in this together! +2 to checks and tests where a sentient skeleton could plausibly help you.

  3. 100. Roll 1d4 times, re-rolling any repeats. If any of these re-rolls comes up as 100, instead if adding more re-rolls the caster just goddamn melts.