Racial Stunts

Asari Stunts

Natural Biotic (-2) Asari control of their nervous systems for the purpose of merging themselves with others to mate allows them to be talented biotics as well as gives them limited ability to telepathically meld with others during the embrace. Asari gain an innate ability to use the Biotics skill and receive a +1 to their skill rolls and access to biotic powers found in Chapter 4. As such, an asari may never use biotic implants (bio-amps).

Heightened Reflexes (-1) Because of their situational awareness when moving as part of another activity, asari may move one additional zone without taking the -1 penalty for a supplemental action.

Drell Stunts

Crystal Clarity (-1) You occasionally gain insights and detailed recollections from previous experiences that provide inspiration. Once per scene, explain as you leverage this knowledge to your advantage to receive a +1 bonus to any skill roll.

Predatory Reflexes (-1) When moving as part of another activity, Drell may move one additional zone without taking the -1 penalty for a supplemental action. Drell also gain +1 to Alertness rolls and when determining initiative.

Human Stunts

Genetically Engineered (-2) While genetic engineering has been a long-practiced area of science amongst humanity for many centuries, it had fallen into disservice, primarily with the realization that humanity was not alone in the universe and “perfection” within that context was not possible. Minor tweaks to the genome have already eliminated most genetically-passed conditions and allow parents to tailor their child’s eye or hair color prior to birth. However, some still practice genetic engineering at an invasive level: expanding mental and physical capabilities, neural responses, and even the addition of biotic controls. A character with this stunt receives a floating +1 bonus to a skill roll usable once per session as well as a permanent +1 skill point of their choosing which may exceed the campaign’s maximum skill cap for power level.

Krogan Stunts

Great Strength (-1) The high gravity and harsh environment of Tuchanka has made krogans extremely strong. They gain a +1 to all Fight rolls. When grappling, you may inflict a Damage: 2 hit on an opponent as a supplemental action for free (does not cost a standard action).
Krogan Tough (-1 or -2) All krogan may take an additional mild physical consequence and gain a stress box at a cost of 1 refresh. They may decide to improve this benefit even further and gain an additional stress box as well for an additional point of refresh.
Extraordinary Regeneration (-2) Out of combat krogan recover physical consequences as if they were one level lower (a moderate recovers as if it were mild, etc.). Additionally, in combat, once per scene, a krogan may clear away a mild physical consequence with a supplemental action. No wound is permanent for krogan. Even extreme consequences will heal given enough time—usually a couple of years, but sometimes as fast as a few months. Krogan are also extremely long lived.

Quarian Stunts

Quarian Tech Training (-2) All quarians receive intensive technical training as youths so they are able to do their part to maintain the fleet. This provides a +1 bonus to Systems rolls and the Tech Mastery power.
Heightened Reflexes (-1) When moving as part of another activity, quarians may move one additional zone without taking the -1 penalty for a supplemental action.

Salarian Stunts

Non-Linear (-1) A salarian approaches everyday problems and conundrums from a variety of angles, often doing so with a unique point of view or approach not previously considered. This makes them very flexible in situations, able to adapt quickly. This is a highly-prized skill within the ranks of the STG. Once per scene, when making a skill roll, substitute the bonus of another of your skills in its place with an explanation as to how the creative approach worked.
Speed of Thought (-1) Salarians’ high metabolism makes them excellent academics and scientists, as their thought processes move so quickly and can find patterns that others may not see. Select one mental skill and receive +1 to all skill rolls due to this fast speed of thought.

Turian Stunts

Master & Commander (-1) When you give an order to someone, they comply immediately. Your command allows another character, on their turn, to gain +2 to their roll if they obey. The order must be a specific use of one of the character’s skills, such as “Lay down suppressive fire on those commandos!” You may do this once per scene.
To Serve the Hierarchy (-1) As part of mandatory service in the military, all turians are dedicated to a speciality as assigned to them by the Turian Hierarchy. Select one physical skill and receive +1 to all skill rolls.
Turian Toughness (-1) Turians are innately tough, pushing through incredible pain. They can take an additional mild consequence and receive an additional stress box.