The town of Breachill is nestled in the foothills of the Five King Mountains in the wilds of eastern Isger, about 50 miles from the [[Druman?]] border. Compared to the region’s other settlements, this small town is young—just shy of 170 years old—though it has a fascinating history that rivals those of many far older places. Breachill began with the humblest of origins, as a barely functional outpost of human amnesiacs, but the aid and mentorship of a powerful wizard led these shivering and dying unfortunates to found the hardy and thriving town that exists today.

Many of Breachill’s 1,300 residents are humans who trace their ancestry to one of these original pioneers, leading to the townsfolk’s identity as people who persevere and are self-sufficient by birthright. As a result, the residents of Breachill are brave and community minded. Unlike the insular inhabitants of many Isgeri towns, they welcome adventurers of all types. After all, the townspeople owe their existence to the benevolence of a powerful wizard and adventurer—Lamond Breachton—whose legacy is so beloved that it is almost a religion. Practically without exception, any harsh words spoken in town against Breachton are taken as a challenge to most residents’ honor.

Breachill’s townsfolk are hardy, and the town is focused on self-sufficiency and creature comforts. Residents are friendly and tend to help each other, and the town’s history makes them open-minded toward outsiders. Breachill’s citizens tend to play as hard as they work, so the town counts numerous taverns among its many businesses.

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