At its height, the empire of Cheliax had holdings that reached from Varisia to Garund and east all the way to Galt. [[Aroden?]] was prophesized to return to the world of mortals to usher in a new Age of Glory, and those prophecies predicted the Chelish city of Westcrown would be the point of his arrival. Instead, his death ignited a civil war that lasted for decades. When the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune emerged as victor, Cheliax had forever changed. Under House Thrune’s rule, Cheliax transformed into a nation that viewed Hell as a blueprint for government. The church of [[Asmodeus?]] became Cheliax’s official state religion, and diabolism its most powerful philosophy. The devil had come home to rule, and while the nation’s politicians and leaders claimed that they maintained control of their fate—and House Thrune had merely formed an alliance with Hell to maintain its power and keep order—the nation’s internal and external enemies know better.

Recently, several uprisings within Cheliax have tested the nation’s resolve. After a devastating nautical loss in the Shackles resulted in [[Vidrian?]]’s independence, a new [[Iomedae?]]an rebellion called the Glorious Reclamation threatened Cheliax from within. House Thrune and the Asmodean church defeated the Glorious Reclamation, but at a price—a simultaneous rebellion was successful, with a group of rebels called the Silver Ravens negotiating the successful secession of the new nation of [[Ravounel?]].


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