Since its founding, Isger has been a vassal state. It was formed with Taldor’s conquest of the area and, centuries later, it was annexed by Cheliax in the Even-Tongued Conquest of 4081. Unlike some of Cheliax’s other holdings, Isger did not break free during the Thrune Ascendancy, and it remains in thrall today. However, there are signs that the neglect and exploitation that have long characterized Isger’s relationship with its patron state are beginning to give way to a new era of closer involvement, for better and worse.

Cheliax values Isger for its important position as a trade route to the Lake Encarthan region, but when Isger was wracked by the violence of the Goblinblood Wars several decades ago, House Thrune did little to provide aid. As the repercussions of [[The_Whispering_Tyrant?]]’s return to power send ripples of nervous dread through the land, Isger’s people grow fearful that they lack not only their own political strength but also that of their supposed protector, and as a result, Isger is one of the lands in the Inner Sea region most in need of heroes.


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