campaign log

Campaign log

Session 1

The adventure begins in the Driftwood Tavern in Neverwinter where Ferrus is joined by Gralith, Bush and Shael. They are gathered there by Gundren Rockseeker who has ordered his nephew Ferrus to gather a band of 4 adventurers capable of protecting a cart of provisions as it is transported to Phandalin.

Gundren formally inspects each of the adventurers, asking them about their background, where they come from, what motivates them to sign up for this job. Gundren is accompanied by a human fighter called Sildar Hallwinter, he is a ranking member of the Lord’s Alliance, a coalition of city states and kingdoms, mainly across the northern coast of Faerûn, who collectively agreed that some solidarity is needed to keep evil at bay.

Right when the inspection ends a harsh and firm knock can be heard on the door. It’s Semuri, the Half-orc innkeeper. She busts in after Gundren acknowledges and throws a half-elven young female to the floor in the middle of the room. “I found her eavesdropping on you master Rockseeker, shall I call the Guard on her?”. Gundren shakes his head and thanks Semuri for her loyalty and says she can leave now.

The half-elf is Alumae, who was eaves dropping on them because she heard some stories about a lost mine being found, it sounded like a great story and something she, as a bard, would love to hear more about to inspire her hymns. Gundren confronts her with the fact she has head some information that shouldn’t be known publicly and presents her with an ultimatum, either join the party or face trial by the Guard. She promptly accepts the offer.

The party first tries to get some more money out of Gundren for the job but they fail their persuasion efforts and settle for a sum of 50 gold for the delivery of the cart and 10 gold per person extra.

After the inspections are done Gundren calls forth an acquainted dwarven scribe called Werbon who is here to magically sign the escorting contract. He pulls out a scroll which is decorated with dwarven runes. As he opens the scroll the runes seem to shimmer as they move in their place and radiate a magical purple glow. Werbon reads out loud with his raspy old voice.

I, Gundren Rockseeker, agree to pay your party the sum of 50 Gold piece and 10 extra per member upon successful delivery of my wagon to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin. The wagon will be ready for pickup on the 16th of Mirtul. The cargo wil consiste of the following items and quantities:

12 pickaxes 8 shovels 10 crowbars 4 lanterns 5 helmets 1 barrel of oil 3 casksof salted pork 12 sacks of flour 2 kegs of Stompin’ Mountaindwarf Ale 1000 feet (304.8 m) (304.8 m) of rope 15 buckets 2 wheelbarrows

I will be traveling with my own escort, Sildar Hallwinter, only a few hours ahead of the wagon’s scheduled departure. I will pay you personally when you meet me in Phandalin. Payment will not be made in full if any provisions, supplies are removed from the wagon or would arrive in damaged state.

The wagon is agreed upon to be a cart pulled by two oxen and will be driven by Thondir Rockseeker.

On Moradin’s honor.

Gundren Rockseeker

The contract is then magically signed by all members by laying their hands on the contract. While each member touches the scroll magical energies soar through the scroll into their hand and back into to scroll, making their name magically appear written on the bottom of the contract.

Everybody goes to sleep, Ferrus and Alumae take a room at the Driftwood Tavern, Shael prefers to prepare her spellbook and meditate in the corner of the inn entering a deep trance. Bush and Gralith on the other hand have their curiosity piqued by Gundren and go looking for the Rockseeker warehouse in the docs where they find 3 dwarves loading up the cart hey are ment to transport the day after. When they have finished loading and left the place Gralith creates a diversion for the guard while Bush sneaks past them and enters the warehouse. He starts looking for something valuable but quickly realizes that stealing from his employer isn’t the best idea. Instead he decides to inspect the cart and gets confirmation that the wares described in the contract are indeed all there.

Leaving Neverwinter …

The next morning they all gather at the west gate of Neverwinter in the Protector’s Enclave district. As agreed the cart with the driver is there waiting for them. The driver is an elderly dwarven uncle of Gundren called Thondir. He seems as grumpy as he looks and offers the party little to no attention.

Alumae tries to get a seat next to Thondir but he firmly refuses to let a “half-human mongrel” sit next to him. Instead Ferrus takes places next to him while Alumae and Shael take place at the back of the cart, Gralith and Bush flank the cart while they travel.

The first four days of travel are pretty uneventful, they make slow but steady progress along the High Road. The weather is nice and warm during the day but it cools off pretty fast at night. The party makes camp each night, Gundren has provided tents and bedrolls for each of them.

Zombie Ambush

During Graliths watch on the 5th night one of the oxes starts behaving strange, Gralith being the only one awake at that moment wakes up Ferrus to assess the situation. When getting closer they notice a zombie is attacking one of the oxes. The ox desperately tries to keep the zombie away but since it’s fastened to a tree together with the other ox the zombie manages to wound the ox badly on the leg.

The party together manages to fight off the two ambushing zombies when suddenly a scream comes from Thondir’s tent. Another zombie is trying to enter the tent from the back. They fight off this zombie too saving Thondir’s life.

Licking their wounds after what at long last proved to be a fierce battle, they inspect the zombies. Gralith finds a leather bundle with some parchments inside. Most of the parchments are what seems to be orders for wood or planks but some of the pages seem to have been used as a makeshift journal by a woman named Tani. The journal seems to be missing some pages but the few pages present read the following:

Fading 3rd 1451 DR I haven’t slept. No-one has slept. Not for three days, not since the screaming and crying. Not since the nightmares began.Violent and twisted night terrors. They whisper to us, tempt us, threaten us, beguile us. They promise terrible things in return for even more terrible acts. My husband, Deniris, went to Neverwinter to find someone who might help. He should have been back yesterday. I fear for him. I fear for all of us.

Fading 25th 1451 DR It has been a little over a week since the darkness has fallen. Day has turned dark as night, my husband has not returned and sickness now sweeps through the village. Many have died and those that lived have… changed. These were folk we once called neighbor and friend. Now they limp and stagger through the night, their deformities as grotesque as the madness in their eyes.

Wondering what their next actions will be Ferrus casts “Cure wounds” on the Ox in the hopes his spell is strong enough to cure the ox so they can continue their journey but alas, the spell isn’t strong enough to completely heal the limp the ox has acquired.

Thondir suggests to double the watch and get some sleep, he knows about a fortified resting place about a days travel from where they are called Fort Barmouth, there they have a stable master and maybe also a healer who could cure the ox’s wounds so they can continue their travel.