Aurin got a sword in Ueshiba’s tomb at the very end of the Tobu valley. Player knowledge is available (in German) on the Attaxa player page (not linked because of referrer tracking…)

There is a curse placed on the sword by the smiths of the City of Brass: The sword has become a love slayer. In your beloved one’s time of greatest need, the sword will deliver a killing blow…

This is what the players knows: The sword was forged by Amaterasu, given to Momotaro, who descended into Dis to kill an old god and was caught be Tiamat on his way back up. Somehow the sword was later modified in the City of Brass and given to King Ueshiba on the Material Plane. They found it in his tomb.

What they don’t know: Amaterasu tricked Tiamat and Momotaro sacrificed himself on purpose, planting the sword in her grasp. Tiamat then gave the sword to a Baatezu general who was fighting on the Material Plane against Obox-ob. This was 600 years ago and had lawful neutral humans under Ueshiba and lawful evil tengus (bird men) under a general of their lord Pazuzu (even though the books say he is CE and not LE) building a lawful evil society. Clearly there’s something fishy going on with Pazuzu that I haven’t figured out, yet.

500 years ago the Material Plane was drawn into another war. Obox-ob sent a general to gather the troups of evil fey like kappas (turtle demons), kumos (spider demons), and his vermin in a war against humans and tengu. But men won! Pazuzu’s general bequeathed the sword he had taken from the Baatezu general a hundred years earlier to Ueshiba who took it to his grave.

Ueshiba’s arcane master Yakomizo Hiraku had taken the enemy general’s Vermin Staff, but slowly it awakened an evil in him and he was corrupted. Obox-ob’s agents had offered rewards and promises, and he had agreed. Luckily his plots were discovered in time, his staff was taken from him, and he was driven away into Shadow where his power dwindled in the following centuries. (→ Shadow Fiends)

If the players manage to awaken this Weapon of Legacy to its full potential, it will help bring about the downfall of the aspect of Tiamat that has been summoned to the Material Plane and is now preparing to conquer it all. The next step will be to bring the sword to the City of Brass.