Corruption of Fudo

Fudo is a fiery god who lives on a volcano and is tremendously knowledgeable and wise.

Fudo is currently lawful good. This alignment will shift to neutral good and eventually chaotic good. Here are some elements that will tip the balance:

  1. The head priest of the [[Fire_Oracle?]] in Akakura has secret deals with pit fiends. → Swords of Fire Plot
  2. Kubo builds a large chaotic following on his material plane. → Unravelling the Empire

The plan is that the player’s chaotic alignment and their chaotic help, and their chaotic attitude will eventually cause this push-over. Consider the following table:

Chaos Order
skipping paperwork meticulous
skipping protocol submissive to authority
spontaneous celebration stickler for the letter of the law
vigilante justice (even if fair)pendantic
abandoned plots pompous ceremony
changing relations


Fudo Domains Fire, Knowledge, Protection
Alignment Chaotic good

Define external redirect: Fire Oracle