Fäm’s Ancestor

Fäm grew up in a monastery where an old artifact was kept: The [[Tooth_of_Goraniflargathix?]]. When the monastery was destroyed, the tooth was rescued by a group of surviving monks. As the years passed, the evil influence of the tooth drew them towards Goraniflargathix’ lair. Indeed, he is supposed to lair within the tunnels of the [[Shattered_Peak?]], or so the evil monks believe.

The monks also learnt of a terrible secret: With a heart of the appropriate dragon color, one can open the sacrificial chambers of the appropriate color. Some of the demented monks have therefore slain a young red dragon, mummified its heart, and are trying even now to access Dragonfall. Once the party returns from Dragonfall, they meet them:

Glorn the clear-eyed, Bären the strong, Läm the snake-tongued, Bagnos the crude brawler, Göndar the chewer, and Beckon the friendly – six monks on a mission to find another relict: Goraniflargathix supposedly died and the full set of his teeth, each integrated into an amulet, is supposed to bring great power to his followers. They learnt that old dragons come to Dragonfall to challenge the paragons of their race and they contacted a sage called Fratularghon who – in exchange Goraniflargathix’ tooth or a similar relict – revealed his last whereabouts: The lavaquifer’s where the portal to Dragonfall was to be found. When the monks discovered that the party had overtaken them, they were furious and followed them, ready to ambush them by the portal. Use some level 8 monks and a level 12 monk. Make sure they all have ranks in Tumble.

What the monks don’t know: Wyrthil has collected 16 of Goraniflargathix’ teeth and when he visited Thalan’s lavaquifer he kidnapped her sister Yismina (→ Plane of Molten Skies location 14). The collected teeth allow Wyrthil to defend against scrying and the like by assuming Goraniflargathix’ form and thought when it comes to Divination.

The other group of monks discovered Goraniflargathix’ whereabout (or think they did) and went there directly. As the party approaches, Fäm is faced with the decision of rescuing his former tormentors and killing (?) his ancestor – the ghoul dragon that was Goraniflargathix, or joining Wyrthil and wielding the full set of Goraniflargathix’ teeth in exchange for a position of subservience to Wyrthil.

Things to have at Wyrthil’s lair:

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