Fudo Myoo (“the immutable one”), the Buddhist divinity of fire, is one of the most important beings venerated at Akakura Mountain Shrine. He is known by his flaming sword and rope, with which he slashes away material connections and binds up evil-doers. His sword is used at Akakura in the Sword of Fudo healing ritual several times each year.

Fudo is the principal deity of the Five angry Lords of Light, venerated at Akakura on Celestia. He has intimate associations with the dragon divinity and with waterfalls.

Fudo converts anger into salvation; his most important weapon is Kurikara, a devil-subduing sword in his right hand (representing wisdom cutting through ignorance). He also holds a rope in his left hand to catch and bind up demons. His home is the mountain because he is immovable in his faith. Fudo is also worshipped as a deity who can bring monetary fortune.

Clearly a sword of light and a sword of cleansing fire must be related. Attaxa and Kurikara, two blades to fight evil, coming from the same source?

Inspired by the web pages supporting the book immortal wishes: labor and transcendence on a Japanese sacred mountain by Ellen Schattschneider, Duke University Press (2003) [1]

More info on the five angry Lords of Light is available from Mark Schumacher’s excellent site. [2] [3]

Great Sun Sutra → EN:Vairocana.