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Ogawa Shinri

Ogawa is learning all about axiomatix weapons here in Celestia. He is a 9th level cleric with the Law and Knowledge domains.

It turns out that he cannot create greater magic weapons. In his study there will be a +3 axiomatic flaming katana that he is currently studying, for example. This weapon is not for sale.

The +3 axiomatic flaming katana requires CL 10th, Crafts Magic Arms and Armor, order’s wrath (Law 4), and flame strike (Clr 5), and the creator must be lawful. The resulting net weapon bonus of +6 costs 72’000 gp. Ogawa needs to reach 10th level in order to recreate this weapon.

Who then provided this weapon? Further investigation will reveal the next middleman, the [[Tengu_Blademaster_Naoki?]]. See Swords of Fire Plot for more.

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