Swords of Fire Plot

Summary: The servants of Fudo provide strong support for their allies, even though they will typically not take the fight into the material planes. They’re allies are various eladrin from Arborea, for example. And these in turn are involved on two fronts: For one, they will support heroes on the material planes in their fight against demons, and two, they will fight demons directly in the outer planes. The knowledge gained about demons is valuable to the servants of Fudo, because they can use it to trade with Baatezu. The information is then used by devils against demons in the Blood War.

Hint: The eladrin go-betweens have been gaining power in this deal. Obviously the servants of Fudo in Akakura have been using the information the eladrin gave them in deals with devils. They gathered this by correlating reports of the Blood War from their spies and the information they had sold. Knowing this, and knowing that such a deal would be held against the servants of Fudo, the eladrin realized that they were in a stronger position. The servants of Fudo had more to loose.

This is why the Eladrin have begun hunting in the moon forests around Akakura with impunity.

Development: Discovery of the Portal from Akakura to Perhalkux Dram provides a second clue. The existence of this portal, and its unguarded nature can only mean one thing: Powers in high places want it to remain a secret.

Trying to locate the source of some of the fiercest axiomatic weapons will reveal that these powerful fire-based weapons cannot be made by Ogawa Shinri in Akakura. Close observation of the fire pyramid may reveal what is going on: Ogawa has a client that often trades in half a dozen blades or more, the [[Tengu_Blademaster_Naoki?]]. Naoki will often visit the [[Dark_Woodsman?]], who in turn knows where the portal is. It is the Dark Woodsman who nows the devils on the other side.

At the same time, Muzitani Tsutomu confidant Hirokazu (also a cleric) often meets the bariaur [[Kendaktipon_Tumuni?]] at the [[Flying_Sheep_Tavern?]]. Kendaktipon finally often meets the eladrin hunter Marowas in the woods.

Should Kendaktipon and the Dark Woodsman meet, nothing would happen. The two do not know each other.

The Barghest Assassins encounter provided inspiration for this entry.

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