Unravelling the Empire

This subplot ties into the Corruption of Fudo.

  1. Have Lord Kurobano be attacked by a Kumo protected by four Kappa. When Kurobano is saved for the second time by Kubo and his dreadful Naginata, the town rejoices.
  2. When Lord Kurobano requests the aid of the Guardians against Sin to fight the new Wyrmlord Akhbech, the citizens revolt and ask Kubo to handle it. → Fight Akhbech If he accepts even though Yuugou and Tatsuo advise against it, the city will shift towards Chaos.
  3. If Katsuko, the aasimar cleric of Fudo in Kurobano, can be made helpful via Diplomacy DC 20, grant +2 bonus for a Perform DC 10, grant +2 bonus for a Prestige DC 10 check, grant +2 bonus for public heroic deeds, she will support Kubo as a front figure and talk to her lover, Lord Kurobano. Making Kubo a general of the clan is highly irregular and will shift the city towards Chaos.
  4. Masaru offers to swear allegiance to Kubo. He and his band of fierce hunters have been friends of the fox spirits for decades and now that the Empire is weak the time as come to shake off its yoke and do the right thing for the citizens of Kurobano. They are willing to carry out his orders here in Kurobano, should he care to leave any. Accepting will shift the city towards Chaos.
  5. Some deeds later… Admitting the kitsune Yamasachihiko into the trusted circle of advisors and adopting Kubo into the Kurobano clan is highly irregular and will shift the city towards Chaos.
  6. Open rebellion will ensue!