The War of Dragons ended five years ago and yet its legacy still remains. Having uprooted the corruption of Lord Degault Neverember and recovered half a million embezzled gold dragons from the supporters of Tiamat, the leaders of the Lords Alliance argue about how best to redistribute the stolen money to the towns that seek it.

A gathering has been called for in the city of Elturel, east of the larger port city of Baldur’s Gate. Three leaders

Ontharr Frume, leader of the Order of the Gauntlet Duke Ulder Ravengard, leader of the Flaming Fist military/mercenaries out of Baldur’s Gate Gideon Lightward, High Rider of the Hellriders

and their retinue have arrived at the city to discuss the growing concern over the rumors that the Dragon Cult is beginning to show its head again.

Each of you belong to the Hellriders. Also known as the Riders of Elturel, the Hellriders are an elite military unit who are the primary armed force of the city of Elturel. The Hellriders helped Elturel establish and maintain civilization in the harsh lands of the Sword Coast. The Hellriders are one of the most renowned and well-regarded military forces in the Realms. It was said that a company of Riders had once ridden into the Hells themselves, led by an angel of the heavens, and from this story, the Hellriders were named.

You are a brave adventurer serving in fellowship with your companions to restore the towns and villages of the Sword Coast to their former glory.

Map of Baldur's Gate


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