Recap April 16, 2021

As they entered High Hall, Pherria and Seltern met them and assisted them getting Ravengard down into the catacombs. As they went into the Catacombs the group filled both of them in with all they knew about the Helm of Torm’s Sight and their theory that it was connected to the portal that was allowing minotaurs and other devils into the ossuary below the chapel. If the helm could be removed, Ravengard would be free and the portal would most likely close.

Pherria, Calmers and Tharja began to work on ways to remove the Helm. Seltern made sure Ravengard was as comformtable as possible. Jazulon, Jockrates and Nym guarded the others. Pherria agreed that the other language was most likely Abyssal. As they continued to study the Helm they realized that probably the speaker of Abyssal was none other than Baphomet, the ruler of a layer of the Abyss called the Endless Maze. He was the Prince of Beasts and the Demon Lord of Minotaurs. They had encountered at least 2 dozen minotaurs both as skeletons and living creatures at the chapel and the cemetery. Between the three of them they determined the following should be done:

1 The altar of Torm upstairs in High Hall must be cleansed and the ritual performed before it. They had already cleansed it after fighting a bone devil that had desecrated the altar and had been praying before it. The altar of Torm was restored once Calmers splashed it with holy water taken from the fonts in the Catacombs.

2 Someone standing within 5 feet of the restored altar must recite a special prayer to Torm. This prayer may be able break Baphoment’s hold on Ravengard’s mind. Calmers volunteered to say the prayer.

3 Lastly they would need a powerful symbol of courage and self-sacrifice to empower the ritual. Pherria asked them to fetch Redemption, the greatsword,from the Tomb of the Unknown Hero just around the corner from the Catacombs. Jockrates stepped forward and said we already have it and reached to give it to Pherria. Suddenly a canoloth appeared around 30ft away and said to them telepathically: “Nope. That is not yours. I am here to claim it for its rightful owner!”

It then shot out its tongue which wrapped around Pherria and it began to slowly drag her and the Sword closer to it.

The group jumped into action. Jazulon rushed forward and attacked the canoloth’s tongue. He damaged it but not enough for it to let go of Pherria.She did not seem to be injured but she struggled as she moved towards the canoloth. As Calmers, Nym and Jockrates ran to assist Pherria, Tharja cast Fireball directly on the canoloth excluding his allies from the explosion. And while it was a direct hit, the canoloth seemed to shrug off the damage. Tharja said to everyone “It is resistant to fire!”

It finally let go of Pherria who made her way out of the combat casting Sacred Flame as she went. She joined Seltern to keep Ravengard safe. The canoloth was not defeated easily but soon it was given a killing blow and its body disappeared.

Pherria pulled herself together and said okay now, where were we?

She positioned herself at the south end of the altar with Jockrates holding Redemption at the center, ready to lay the sword on the altar once Calmers who was at the north end of the altar had finished the prayer to Torm.

Calmers had finished the first sentence of the prayer when 8 Will-o-wisps appeared out of nowhere. Two attacked him, two attacked Jockrates, one attacked Pherria with the others moving to keep the rest of the group busy.

The Will-o-wisps hit hard with lightning shocks. They were also fast, never staying in one place and constantly moving. The group at first could not hit the Will-o-wisps. Everyone was hit hard with Pherria (and at least one player but I cannot remember who) being knocked unconscious. Lulach cast Healing Spirit keeping everyone alive during the hard fought fight.

Finally the last Will-o-wisps was defeated.

Pherria pulled herself together and said okay now, where were we?

Calmers finished the prayer and Jockrates laid Redemption across the altar.

Once the ritual was complete and the helm removed, Ravengard began to talk with his eyes closed. He spoke about the visions he saw on his spirit journey while wearing the helm.

• In my spirit journey, I saw a bloodied woman in armor- a soldier wearing the colors and crest of Elturel - grasping a longsword fit for an angel. Fresh blood streamed from a nasty cut on the woman’s cheek.

• Flying next to the woman was a small, golden elephant with rapidly fluttering wings.

• As an enormous, loping demon threatened to devour the woman, she plunged the Sword into the ground while the winged elephant made a trumpet sound with its trunk. The demon was hurled back as an alabaster palace rose up around the sword. The winged elephant fled and took to the red sky of Avernus, where it watched as a bloody scab grew up from the ground to engulf the palace and the enormous demon.

Suddenly, Ulder came to his senses. He looked around and recognized the Hellriders. He says “Friends! It is good to see you all!” Then he spotted Lulu. He pointed and shouted:

“You! You’re the winged elephant from my visions. You KNOW where the sword is!”

This caused Lulu to emit a sad trumpet sound. Calmers said that she has lost her memories of Avernus. Lulu bemoans the fact that she can’t remember anything. Everyone is quiet for a moment.

Pherria broke the silence: “Restoring her memory is beyond me. But in a place like this, there has to be someone powerful enough to unlock her memories. You need to get out of this city and find that someone down below in Avernus!

The Shield of the Hidden Lord telepathically said to Calmers:

There is a night hag seer by the name of Mad Maggie. She runs a junkyard called Fort Knucklebone. She may be a good place to start as any. Calmers said to Lulu “who was the person you remembered earlier? It also started with an “M”.” Lulu thought for a moment and then said:

“Mahadi! The man who runs the Wandering Emporium.”

Calmers said we have two leads now.

After Ravengard had rested for awhile he asked to speak the group. He thanked them for rescuing him and offered to give them gifts/rewards for all that they had done so far in the quest to return Elturel to the prime material plane.

Jazulon – bracers of defense, +2 AC if unarmored

Jockrates – Amulet of Health – 19 Constitution, +3 HP per level going back to 1st. 18HP added. (maybe more since you are 7th level now)

Lulach – Petal Blade – This scimitar is oxidized and budding vines wrap around it from pommel to the tip of the blade. As an action you can strike the ground and create a 10 foot radius of flowers. The flowers are poisonous and all non-good creatures must make an DC 15 Constitution saving throw or take (1d10) poison damage and become poisoned until the end of your next turn, of half as much damage and they are not poisoned on a successful save. The scimitar can’t be used this way again until a long rest.

Proficiency with a scimitar allows you to add your proficiency bonus to the attack roll for any attack you make with it.

Nym was recognized by Ravengard. He removed his own Flaming Fist tabard and gave it to Nym saying once a Flaming Fist always a Flaming Fist. The tabard is made of cream velvet and shimmering with the embroidery of the Flaming Fist. You gain resistance to fire and +1 to Strength while wearing this tabard.

Calmers was given a pair of Boots of the Vigilant – While you wear these boots, you can sense impending danger. After you roll initiative, you can choose to roll 1d8 and add it to your initiative roll. Once this ability is used, it cannot be used again until after a short rest.

Thraja was given a set of Mage’s Gauntlets – These gauntlets are given to students of magic who are active in the world and exploration, not to those who study in the safety of schools or towers. They are usually created by teachers who specialize in one or two schools of magic, but can vary in power.

Evocation: increase the damage caused by the spell by a number equal to {your spellcasting level}+{your spell attack bonus}, or increase the duration of the spell by up to 5 rounds

They had a light meal and started the discussion on how to get down from Elturel to Avernus. Build parachutes was offered by Lulach. Tharja said we do have Polydamas who could fly us down but it may only be one at a time. Calmers said that would take awhile and would create a possible easy target.

Reya told them that she was going to stay in Elturel and help Ravengard to protect the city. She was Fighting back tears as she knew that they would soon be headed to Avernus and they would not likely see each other again.