Recap April 9, 2021

They needed to get Ravengard out of the chapel and back to High Hall to see if Pherria, but they also needed to get out of the chapel. Would they risk a much needed long rest? Lulach spotted a wet scroll case between the bodies of the fallen soldiers from Elturel and Baldur’s Gate.

Inside the scroll case they found the following scrolls:

mass healing word, remove curse, and tongues.

They knew that their biggest obstacle was Gideon and if Gideon heard Ravengard speaking Abyssal he would question them in the least and most likely attack them. Calmers would cast Silence on the Helm of Torm’s Sight that Ravengard was wearing. Then Nym cast Pass Without a Trace so they could stealth out of the ossuary, past the mezzoloth guards, out the back door and along the side of the chapel and out the front gate in hopes of slipping past Gideon.

They then healed themselves using Lulach’s Healing Spirit and some of the last healing spells. They kept enough in reserve in case they were jumped on their way back through Elturel to High Hall.

Calmers cast Silence as they climbed up the stairs to the main chapel level. The two mezzoloths asked them a few questions about any demons below in the ossuary. Tharja said that no they did not see any demons. The devils believed her and let them pass. They looked at Ravengard but did not ask any questions about him.

They left the chapel by the back door and moved around the north side of the chapel. As they reconnected with the main path, they saw Tyara still searching for dead bodies to pour holy water on. They went to her and told her what was going on including the demon and devil battle coming and that Gideon was a mad man. She went with them in hopes of aiding the group is freeing Ravengard from the helm.

They continued through Elturel with Calmers maintaining the Silence spell and Nym the Pass Without a Trace. As they came to the junction that led up to High Hall. They spotted a horned devil flying above Elturel hold a long infernal chain. The chain was attached to something perhaps inside a building and the horned devil was having a time pulling the chain closer. The group moved slowly while deciding what to do. Suddenly the horned devil landed and they could see that the chain led down into a cellar area. The horned devil had not seen them yet so they made the first move and rolled in to attack. The devil was surprised as Jazulon and Jockrates attacked and Calmers attempted to cast Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on it. He brushed the spell aside and went as defensive as possible but both Jazulon and Jockrates were able to get a good hits nonetheless.

The horned devil cast Hypnotic Pattern on Ravengard, Reya, Tharja, Lulu, Slobberchops and Calmers charming and incapacitating them all. The devil then attacked Jockrates but barely missing. Jazulon attacked with his silver dagger and monk unarmed strikes doing a good amount of damage. Jockrates lost the grip on his silvered great axe and it flew to the north him him about 30ft. Jockrates pulled out Redemption greatsword and attacked with that for the rest of the fight. Lulach ran to Calmer and shook him out the charm. As Calmers moved closer to try to deal with the horned devil, Lulach ran over to Tharja and shook her awake as well. Suddenly Jockrates felt a sting on the back of his neck. Looking he saw an imp had turned visible and had attacked him. It attacked a few more times before it attempted to go invisible again but Slobberchops knew where it was and let Tharja know who told the others. The horned devil slammed into Jockrates and Jockrates fell to the ground. Calmers cast Tasha’s once more but this time the spell stuck and the devil began to laugh uncontrollably.

Calmers attacked the imp with his rapier and took it out. Everyone concentrated on the horned devil. Lulach cast produced flame but the devil was immune to fire. Reya rushed forward and attacked her long sword. Calmers cast Healing Word on Jockrates as did Lulach and Jockrates was back into the fight. Tharja cast Chill Touch. Jazulon continued to hit the devil’s jaw. Reya had the killing blow hitting the horned devil in the jaw like Jazulon had been doing and using her Divine Smite ability. The horned devil fell.

Thraja sent Slobberchops into the cellar to see what was at the end of the chain. Slobberchops was invisible and Tharja could see what he saw and hear what he heard. At the far end of the cellar was a pegasus bound in the infernal chain and an infernal bridle. The pegasus spoke I cannot see you but I know you are here. I can tell you are good. Please show yourself. Tharja called Slobberchops out and she and Calmers entered the cellar. Calmers asked what could they do to help. The pegasus said it should be obvious. Calmers and Tharja discussed possible problems with touching the infernal chain. They determined that whatever damage they took was nothing compared to what the pegasus was taking being bound in the infernal chain and bridle. Calmers removed the infernal chain and bridle. The pegasus thanked them and then said his name was Polydamas and then he would serve as Calmers mount during whatever their mission was in Eltuerel. Polydamas explained that he had been captured by an evil man who hid Polydamas in his cellar. He hoped to sell the pegasus later on the black market in Baldur’s Gate but Elturel fell and Polydamas believes that the evil man was killed in Elturel’s fall into Avernus as he has not been seen in days.

Calmers, Tharja and Polydamas left the cellar and rejoined the other. Polydamas thanked everyone once more and then they headed to High Hall. Along the way, Calmers told Polydamas about their mission including trying to remove the Helm of Torm’s Sight off of Ravengard’s head. Polydamas agreed to go with them and aid them as he could.

As they entered High Hall, Pherria and Seltern met them and assisted them getting Ravengard down into the catacombs. AS they went the group filled Pherria in with all they knew about the Helm of Torm’s Sight and their theory that it was connected the portal that was allowing minotaurs and other devils into the ossuary below the chapel. If the helm could be removed, Ravengard would be free and the portal would most likely close.