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Recap August 20, 2021

They were about 10 minutes into their journey when Lulach spotted hezrou tracks. He signaled to Nym what he had found but hesitated at first to say anything as they wanted to get to the Wandering Emporium before it decided to move locations. He decided that if they could track a hezrou they could locate the Emporium. Plus they could ask Mad Maggie to divine its location again knowing that she may say no or ask them for a favor. She was already doing something big for them with the assistance to recover Lulu’s memories. So, Lulach signaled for them to head slightly east to follow the hezrou tracks he had found.

The hezrou hunt was on!

Lulach followed the tracks. He knew that they were getting close. It was only after the hezrou came from behind a rock and gave growl that Lulach knew for sure. The infernal machines rushed forward. Nym leaped off his Devil’s Ride and fired his bow at the approaching fiend. He had two solid hits but it did not slow down the hezrou. Encore used the Grappling Claw on the Scavenger to attempt to grapple the hezrou. The hezrou easily removed the claw even though Encore had gotten a good grip on it. Encore jumped off the Scavenger and he and his echo moved towards the hezrou who was focusing all of his attacks on Nym. Lulu and Lulach used Healing Word to keep Nym alive. Tharja cast Chill Touch and even though the fiend took the necrotic damage, the hezrou was not slowed down.

Nym was knocked unconscious by the hezrou just as Encore arrived. He position his echo between him and Nym while Lulach assisted Nym away from the front lines. Lulach healed him once more and the Nym set up next to the Scavenger and continued to fire arrows. Encore’s Echo was destroyed several times but that kept the hezrou from hitting Encore. The hezrou finally fell.

Chukka shouted in a gruff dwarven voice “No! Grab it by the feet, raise it up and pluck, pluck, pluck it’s feathers!” Then the hezrou dissapated and went back to the River Styx to reform.

They would have to find another hezrou.

Lulach began searching for tracks again. He was fairly certain that he saw two sets of hezrou prints around the rock that the first hezrou emerged from. He pointed that out to everyone and then they slowly made their way around the rock. They could see a lot of foot prints but not all of them were hezrou. Lulach had just begun to determine what they new prints belonged to when dretch began to appear out of thin air. They looked confused at first but they started moving towards the group. 15 dretch eventually appeared. Lulach said I think they are being summoned by someone or something. Tharja agreed and she began to prepare a Fireball. She dropped the Fireball in the middle of the group of dretch taking out 11 of the 15. She then began to look around what was summoning them. She saw an outline of a larger creature that had been at the center of the fireball’s blast. It was the second hezrou that Lulach was sure was in the area. Tharja pointed it out to everyone. Unfortunately the fireball had not done any damage to the hezrou.

The remaining dretch fell easily and then the group focused on the hezrou. Clonk shouted “No disintegrations!” in Mad Maggie’s voice. Nym focused his nonlethal attacks on the hezrou’s big toe. Encore and his echo traded attacks with the hezou hitting the echo more times than the others. Encore would summon it once more every time he was able. The hezrou hit Encore very hard and Encore dropped. Lulu and Lulach healed him and he started swinging again. Tharja used the grappling claw to try to hold the hezrou in place but the claw was never able to get a good hold. Lulach healed Encore and then Tharja cast Polymorph on Encore turning him into a giant ape. Encore summoned his echo and it too was a giant ape. He sent the echo to the opposite side of the hezrou and both Encore and his echo attacked with their giant ape fists. Soon the hezrou was unconscious.

Chukka jumped down with a large pair of pliers and easily removed two spikes from its back. The hezrou jumped a little but Encore and his Echo were able to keep it grappled as Nym, Lulach and Tharja attempted to cut one last spike out of the hezrou’s back. Tharja removed it finally and Encore and his echo pummeled the hezrou until it disappated and returned to the River Styx.

They jumped on the infernal war machines and headed back to Fort Knucklebone. Chukka and Clonk thanked them many times over for their assistance. They also promised to tell Maggie about the successful hunt as she would look favorably on those that helped her associates.

They decided to take a long rest before heading to Mahadi’s Wandering Emporium. They went to the building that Maggie had provided for them. With Lulu and Polydamus watching over them, the settled in for hopefully a peaceful rest. As peaceful as one could be on the first level of Hell.