Recap February 19, 2021

The group decided to take a long rest and then explore the rest of the Catacombs. Then, they would check out the secret passageway before heading to the Grand Cemetery in hopes of finding Grand Duke Ravengard.

They decided to take a long rest and then explore the rest of the Catacombs. Then, they would check out the secret passageway before heading to the Grand Cemetery in hopes of finding Grand Duke Ravengard. Tharja took the first watch with Nym to take the second with Calmers assisting Nym 2 hours into the second watch.

Tharja noticed movement to the side of her. It was Jockrates. It looked like was trying to search Calmers belt pouch or maybe he was just stretching in his sleep. Tharja kept an eye on him and when Nym took over the watch she told him to keep an eye on him. Nym watched Jockrates attempt to search Calmers again. Nym asked him what was he doing. Jockrates seemed to be sleeping thieving. Nym woke him up and asked him what he was doing and Jockrates claimed to not know what Nym was talking about. Jockrates went back to sleep. When Calmers came to assist Nym, Nym told him what had been going on. They then decided that Nym would stay in near where the group was sleeping while Calmers would walk around the main area to see what was going on. He saw many injured either physical or mentally. Many eyes were red from crying. Other looked hungry, all were tired. He spoked to Pherria who seemed more relaxed knowing that Hellriders had come to help. She helped him fill containers with holy water. Nym and Calmers told Thraj what had happed during their watches. They would all keep an eye on Jockrates as they checked out the rest of the catacombs.

They headed back to the north and west where they first entered the main room. They passed the conference room onto the room known as the Hall of Scholars.

This crypt holds the bones of those who served Torm and Elturel through their knowledge instead of magic or skill at arms: teachers, engineers, sages, and other public servants. Plain stone shelves in the eleven alcoves each bold one set of remains. They took a quick look around but did not find anything. As they were leaving Nym spotted a glint of metal that seemed out of place in one of the open crypts. He went to check it out and saw behind the bones on one shelf the remains of an old bag. Close to the remains lay the plainest dagger he had ever seen. He also nine red amethysts (50 gp each), a vial that was not marked and a potion of greater healing.

He put the items into Tharja’s Bag of Holding. She would look more closely at the dagger and vial once they had finished searching the Catacombs.

They moved on west into a vault used for holding bodies waiting to be interred in some other part of the cathedral, or in Elturel’s cemetery. It was obvious that the only bodies presently here are people who died as the city was drawn to Avernus. Jazulon saw some movement to the north in an area for final resting places of esteemed priests, warriors, and other dedicated servants of Elturel.

It was a group of commoners who had survived the fall of Elturel to Avernus. They had been separated from the others as they all made their way downstairs.

They asked to be escorted to the main room of the Catacombs. Suddenly Tharja felt someone attempting to look in her Bag of Holding. It was Jockrates. Everyone in the group saw what Jockrates was doing. They asked him what he doing. He mumbled about soul coins and how he needed to find them…for her. Tharja slapped the manacles she had in her on Jockrates’s left wrist but was not able to get them on his right wrist because he was still trying to get into her Bag of Holding! Calmers thought on the possible causes of such behavior as Nym and Jazulon attempted to hold Jockrates still enough so Tharja could manacle him. She never could get the other wrist. Calmers deduced that Jockrates was either mad, under a spell or charmed. Calmers settled on being charmed and was about to try to get Jockrates back to the main room to conduct a ritual to cleanse him when he remembered that taking damage or harm could remove the charm. So he asked someone to hit Jockrates. Jazulon punched him until he came to his senses. Jockrates remembered it all. The young girl they had met had charmed him when he was holding her hand. She was really a succubus. She had told him to get closer to the infernal fire because she knew it would create skeletons. She had seen them searching for soul coin so she guessed that the group had some so she told Jockrates the next time the group took a long rest, he would attempt to steal any soul coins and then contact her so she could come and get them.

They were not sure they could trust him but they took the manacles off of him and they escorted the survivors to the main room. Once they were settled the group came back to the mausoleum to give it a proper search, They did not find anything.

They headed south towards what was known as the Temple of the Highest. As they turned the corner into the passageway into the chamber Jazulon movement. It was a person dressed very much like the cultists to Zariel they had encountered before in the main area of the Catacombs. They rushed forward as several more cultists appeared from the Temple area along with a white abiashi. Jazulon, Reya and Jockrates took the front line while Nym and Tharja used ranged spells and attacks. Calmers and Lulu healed and gave support to the group. The white abiashi hit hard but the cultists were usually dropped with one or two hits. One they had all been defeated they searched the Temple of the Highest: This large temple was used for private ceremonies involving the most powerful and respected figures in Elturel. Each of the semicircular alcoves here contains an elaborate, upright sarcophagus holding the body of a former high priest of Torm.

None of the sarcophagi looked to have been opened. They was some relief to the group. And as curious as they were they decided not to check them out further. Instead they searched the wall and corners of the room for secret doors and/or treasure. They found neither so they headed south into another vault for prepping bodies for burial and mausoleum area. They found several dead bodies and added one survivor as they made they way east back towards the main area of the Catacombs.

As they were moving they heard Infernal being spoken some 20 or so feet ahead of them. Tharja translated:

You will come with us now. We will take you to hell! I will swallow your soul.

It was another merrogon and more hell hounds and they were threatening two small groups of survivors.